Future Computing.

Thoughts as I spend day three rebuilding my laptop due to a catastrophic crash of the registry…

Windows Media Center PC
As PCs and televisions merge and PCs attempt to take over our living rooms as “media centers” I make the following observation:

Things are moving in the wrong direction.

I don’t want a PC that plays TV. I want a PC that works like a TV. Continue reading “Future Computing.”


What is spin, exactly?

At one level, “spin” is nothing more than perspective – it’s the writer’s take on the subject. So why is spin so controversial? Simple. Because the real difference between spin and perspective is that spinning is an attempt to cloak the writer’s bias (or perspective) with a veneer of impartiality.

We presume that certain kinds of communication are supposed to be devoid of spin. In a newspaper, the editorial (and op-ed) pages are reserved for opinion. The rest of the paper is supposed to offer news that is straight reporting – and devoid of spin. While that is virtually an impossible standard, few media outlets seem interested in doing anything more than to pretend to be without bias. Continue reading “Spin.”

Paris is Burning.

I’m curious…has anybody made the connection yet between the news coming out of France, and Ayn Rand’s masterwork, Atlas Shrugged? While I am always saddened to hear about riots, loss of life, and attacks on police and rescue workers, I’ve got to admit, I’m not surprised. This has been a long time coming, and I hear the sounds of chickens coming home to roost. Allow me to explain… Continue reading “Paris is Burning.”

The News has gotten to be SUCH a tease…

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation. Details at 11. – Reuven Frank

Evening News

Here’s something interesting to try, the next time you watch the local evening news. Get a stopwatch and time the newscast. Write down the number of minutes taken up by commercials, the actual news stories, and the time they spend teasing the news/weather/sports. I think you’ll be amazed at how little time is spent on the subject matter, and how much time they waste on teasing the next story. Continue reading “The News has gotten to be SUCH a tease…”

Cold Dead Fish.


I believe there are two kinds of people in this world. Those that market, and those that don’t get it. Think of them as “tone-deaf” when it comes to marketing.

A buddy of mine once told me what was wrong with his company (a very large computer hardware manufacturer) was that if they sold sushi, they would market it as “cold dead fish.” Continue reading “Cold Dead Fish.”


Tag Body SprayDo you ever analyze an ad, and think through why an advertiser presents their message in the way they do?

I think about this a lot.

Partly, I do this because it’s my job. Partly because it’s the way I was raised – to be analytical about marketing. (Thanks, Dad!) Partly, because I find marketing techniques to be a fascinating microcosm of how to successfully motivate people.

Continue reading “MarketingSpeak.”

WHAT was Jeep thinking?

JeepĀ® Commander

Full disclaimer: I’m a Jeep guy. I drive a Wrangler. Don’t want to drive anything else. Between my wife and I, we’ve owned four Jeeps. I also used to work for an in-house ad agency that had several DCX dealerships – two of them sold Jeeps. I love ’em. So it is with a degree of puzzlement, chagrin, and concern that I ask, what were they thinking with this latest TV ad? Continue reading “WHAT was Jeep thinking?”

Who is Captain Digital?

What is this all about? Simple. I’m a marketing guy/graphic designer/copywriter/animator/whatever. As you might expect with all those “/” in my vocations, I have a lot of opinions on a lot of things. Mostly marketing and advertising, but we may wander ocasionally. Check back here for random thoughts on the state of marketing, advertising, politics, pop culture, and (un)common sense.

Penguin Theory.

My dad is a pretty smart guy. He’s a musician – not a marketer, but I’ve always been impressed with how much he intuitively understands about marketing and advertising. He has some wise words to say about the phenomenon of copycat TV shows, movies, and radio formats. He calls it his “Penguin Theory.” Here’s how it goes… Continue reading “Penguin Theory.”