Your Right to Stop Annoying Me.

Tired.Do you have a favorite magazine? TV show? Online site? Forget, for a moment, political speech media – news shows, political blogs, partisan sites, and such. Let’s just talk about “Mainstream Media (MSM)” I’m talking about special-interest magazines, network television, Top-40 radio, et cetera. Have you noticed lately that they seem to be getting more and more politically opinionated? I have. Everything from Law & Order to Wired magazine seems to have veered from “entertainment” to “screed” in an alarmingly short period of time. And another thing – I’ve noticed that the vast majority of these media outlets espouse a doctrine that is far to the left of the political spectrum.

The other night I watched an episode of Law & Order. It featured a right-wing, conservative radio talk show host/author getting gunned down outside a Manhattan bookstore in the first five minutes of the show. Did I mention the victim was being sued by an employee for sexual harassment? (I wonder if Bill O’Reilly would call this “hate speech.”)

Today, I was reading Wired News. In an article entitled “Your Right to be an Idiot” the author, Tony Long, writes about the ensuing debate over Wikipedia. Eventually. He first begins with two paragraphs of Bush-bashing and a link to a Democrat-sponsored site critical of the administration. What has this got to do with Wikipedia? In a word, nothing. The author’s rationale for bringing Bush into the equation is tenuous, at best, but serves as a wonderful reminder that even in something innocuous as a pop culture/technology magazine, we are not safe from those who would beat us over the head with their own dogma.

I tried to send the author an email, expressing my displeasure over his poison pen. No luck. Some JavaScript error kept me from sending my op-ed piece, via Firefox or IE. So, I’d like to post portions of that reply here, for the edification of my non-liberal audience.

It’s a little much to ask that Wired writers stick to a topic they are writing about, rather than take every available opportunity to insert a left-wing liberal rant in each piece they write, however…
I for one am getting REALLY tired of this Bush-bashing crap at every turn. Here’s the deal, MSM elites: THERE ARE MORE OF US (CONSERVATIVES) THAN THERE ARE OF YOU.

Bush won. Twice. Get over it.

For better (my opinion) or for worse (obviously, theirs) Bush is running the country. I’d enjoy mainstream entertainment a LOT more if they’d stuck to their knitting and gave up the fellow-traveler practice of carrying the water for Pellosi, Reid, Kennedy and the others in the left-wing of the bunch of nut-jobs that used to be the Democrat party. By their incessant din, you make me reluctant to enjoy their work, because I can’t bring myself to get past their biased rants.

Since most liberals I know are a little fuzzy on this capitalism thing, allow me to provide a crash course in Market Economics, 101 for liberals everywhere:

  • You write something. It gets published. I read it. I see the ads, which pay your publication. They pay you.
  • When you write enough stuff I don’t want to read, I stop reading. I don’t see the ads. Your publication goes belly up and you become another subscriber to the vast government entitlement program (unemployment, welfare, etc.)
  • Since I have no desire to waste my tax dollars supporting you, why don’t you lay off the Bush-bashing and try to write something unbiased that the MAJORITY of the country might want to enjoy?

    The next time you turn on the TV, pick up a magazine, or fire up your PC, cast a critical eye at what your watching. See if you can detect the hidden agenda of those that would beat us over the head with their opinions. I’m guessing that you won’t have to dig too far to find the bias.

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