As 2005 draws to a close, I thought it might be useful to try and put the past few years into perspective. Over the past year, I’ve grown increasingly aware – and concerned – over the demonization of the right by the left. Note that I’m not citing polarization, or a quid pro quo between the sides. I don’t believe that’s true. Let me tell you why…

When Clinton was in office, those of us on the right were in a constant state of angst. We couldn’t understand how those in the middle of the political spectrum (and even those on the left) could be so blind to the many ethical/moral/legal failings of Wild Bill and his cronies. Then Bush came into power.

From the very beginning, the left seemed to have a reality distortion field about Bush and the right. (Remember “hanging chads”?) Even after a number of left-leaning news organizations did their OWN re-count, they could not find enough votes to suggest that Bush was not, in fact, the winner. For the next four years (with a very brief respite while the country came together after 9/11) the left plotted their revenge, convinced that they’d make Bush II a one-term wonder. Didn’t happen.

Bush won. Twice.

Now the left has evolved their obsession with Bush into some kind of phryic victory strategy, whereby they are wiling to get us all killed in order to discredit Bush. Take your pick: the Patriot Act renewal, the NSA squabble, Supreme Court nominees, the budget – you name it, and you’ll find a lineup of the Dems “best and brightest” (irony intended) walking in lock-step with the message “Bush lied – kids died,” “Impeach Bush” or my personal favorite “he’s a President, not a King.”

Let me direct this next comment directly to our friends on the other side of the aisle: Look, you bunch of self-serving, secular Psalm-singing, self-satisfied, morally-bankrupt jerks – here’s the deal: if Bush WERE a king, he wouldn’t need to worry about a Constitution. He’d just have you rounded up and thrown in chains. Or worse. You never seem to have a better idea – your leitmotif is “Bush is wrong.” That is NOT helping the country. If you want to be a legitimate part of the debate, then advance ideas – don’t just tear down the Conservative agenda. Stop with the hype and start with alternatives. Cut out the dogma and get with the program – any program other than this contrariwise crap you’ve been pushing.

I’m all for an exchange of ideas. I’ve never been convinced that one group (even mine) has a corner on the market of great plans. But when all you’ve got to offer is a white-hot hatred of Bush, you’re gonna lose. Every time.

So here’s my year-end suggestion to the left: Get over it. Stop hating Bush and start loving your country. Stop with the “glass pancake” theology and try doing something positive for a change.

Oh, yeah. And Merry CHRISTMAS.

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