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Election 2016, a Facebook Postmortem

It’s easy to play armchair quarterback and try and figure out why large demographic groups behaved in unexpected ways. Why didn’t white women vote for one of their own? Why wasn’t “she has a vagina” a compelling argument? Why did coal miners and blue collar workers flip to a Republican this year? Why wasn’t it enough to have 600,000 felons in Virginia voting Dem, not enough to turn the tide? For that matter, why didn’t the illegal alien vote put Hillary over the top? There are no real answers to these questions. So let’s look at others, and since we don’t have answers, let’s just make up some stuff. Fun, huh?

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Whither Trump & Sanders?

Peter Finch as Howard Beale in Network

I had a friend of mine ask me the other day about Donald Trump. My long-time friend is as Liberal as I am Conservative. We get along because we respect each other as musicians and human beings, although we disagree on politics. A lot. He asked me a very thoughtful and well-reasoned question about Republicans and Trump. He just can’t get past the bombast, and can’t see the appeal. Frankly, I see a lot of the same questions coming from the right about Bernie Sanders, for much in the same way. Both appear to be even further to the extreme of their respective parties, than most candidates. But they share a lot of traits in common with each other, one in particular, I think, that is behind their ascendancies in the polls. And that reason is a cautionary tale for both parties – one I suspect they will refuse to believe, and refuse to take seriously if they ever do. Continue reading Whither Trump & Sanders?


It’s Independence Day. Coincidentally, that’s my favorite holiday, both because I’ve always been a fan of patriotism, and because it’s so close to my own birthday. But I’d argue that Independence Day is the most important non-religious holiday on the American calendar. And unfortunately, it’s the one that is the most at-risk from those who would like to either abolish it, or turn it into something meaningless. Allow me to explain… Continue reading Independence.

Shoot em, if they can’t take a joke.

Last week, I’d read where Pamela Geller’s group was staging a “Mohammed Cartoon Contest” in little ol’ Garland, Texas, just on the Eastern border of the DFW Metroplex.

First thing that popped into my head wasn’t “Wow…I wonder what kinds of cartoons they’ll come up with.” Nor was it, “I should do a cartoon and enter the contest.” (No problem with that…just too busy to do it.) No, my first thought was “I wonder if they’ll be a radical Islamic attack on the event.

I needn’t have wondered. Of COURSE there would be. Continue reading Shoot em, if they can’t take a joke.

Teen Teachable Moments in (Louisiana) History.

Well, we (my 14-year-old daughter) and I just got back from Lake Charles, LA, where she competed in the Louisiana State Social Studies Fair. Well, “competed” isn’t exactly the right word. She entered. She did her best. She excelled. And she did not win. But for her to have “competed” would have required that they actually stage a competition, which, sadly, they did not. What they did do bears some explanation – and analysis. Continue reading Teen Teachable Moments in (Louisiana) History.

OMG! ¡Walmart Bribes Mexico! (In other news, water is still wet.)

I’m sitting in a nice little mom & pop coffee shop in the historic district of Lake Charles, LA, as I write this. I’m waiting on the judges to adjudicate the Louisiana Social Studies Fair state finals, where my daughter is competing with her project (The Birth of Jazz) for a prize. (Fingers crossed!) On the obligatory flat screen Gigundo-Vision TV that provides background noise to keep you from enjoying the peace and quiet of an otherwise cozy bistro, CNBC is all a-twitter about an investigation into alleged bribes paid by Walmart to the government of Mexico. But like with virtually every other story that involved a U.S.-based corporation in the news is that there’s more to this story – and less – than meets the eye.  Continue reading OMG! ¡Walmart Bribes Mexico! (In other news, water is still wet.)

When is Hate Speech Politically Correct?

I have a friend who’s had to change her name (and profile) on Facebook. She’s a Facebook friend. I’ve never met her, but from what she’s written, I admire her and enjoy reading her posts. If you read her stuff, you’d probably think of her in terms like “outspoken,” “Conservative,” “straightforward,” “no-nonsense” and “frank.” She doesn’t shilly-shally around. She speaks her mind. You can agree with her or disagree, but she has an opinion, and a right to express it. That’s one of the fundamental freedoms in America. Facebook has emerged as a kind of world-wide public town square, providing an e-Soapbox, enabling anybody who wants to share their views, to do so on a global stage. But the dark, ugly underbelly of Facebook is that they do nothing to prevent people who do not appreciate others’ opinions from making threats – even death threats – and frankly scaring the crap out of those who are just trying to express themselves online. That’s wrong. And it’s completely hypocritical, because it would seem that in the world of Facebook, there’s “bad” hate speech, and there’s hate speech that’s perfectly acceptable. Determining which is which evidently depends on which side of the political spectrum you occupy. Continue reading When is Hate Speech Politically Correct?

CREDO lies. Do you care?

Ever heard of CREDO Action? No? Well the group that brands themselves as “more than a network – a movement” is one of the tentacles of the George Soros Socialism Express. They’re dedicated to puttin’ the whoop on companies that support conservative causes. Of course, they’re not honest enough to tell you where their funding comes from, nor are they above playing fast and loose with the truth. They’re far more interested in results than little inconvenient truths like honesty and reason. They are very good at what they do. And they’ve now turned their attention to another group you’ve never heard of – ALEC. And the results are not pretty. Continue reading CREDO lies. Do you care?

The Racists of the DMV.

I never knew a driver’s license could be racist. I mean, it’s just a laminated piece of paper, right? It has no will of it’s own. No sentient thoughts. No opinions. But to hear the Democrats tell it, ANY Photo ID is a racist thing. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Apparently forcing you to show a photo ID to vote is racist. Um…I’m confused. Why is this, exactly?  Continue reading The Racists of the DMV.