Healthcare. Up close, and personal.

My daughter woke up today running a fever. 101.1º. Worrisome, I suppose, but not Earth-shaking. I kept her home, and gave her the doctor-recommended Tylenol/Motrin cocktail. An hour later, her fever spiked up to 104.5º. NOW I was worried. Of course, when you’re dealing with your child, part of being SuperDad is not letting on […]

Thanks to our friends who’ve “liked” us on Facebook.

As of this evening, I’m pleased to report we’ve reached 25 fans, which is not too shabby for around 24 hours. And this is no April Fool’s joke. Because of hitting that magic number, our FB page now has a shiny, new URL: So, if you want to keep up with the doings here, […]

“Loser-iana” No More.

I was born and raised in Louisiana. While my hometown is Shreveport, New Orleans was, is and probably always shall be the center of the Louisiana Universe. When I was but a lad, the state got pro-football fever, when the New Orleans Saints set up shop. I remember hearing that we’d see a Super Bowl […]

Where I’ve been.

For those of you that are regular readers of this blog, you might wonder, “Where’s Captain Digital?” The answer is, I’ve been busy, taking care of family stuff. And unfortunately, I’m not yet done. I’d love to tell you all about it, and someday, perhaps I will. Suffice it to say that family’s gotta come […]

Hell to the Veep.

Back in the day, I had a college professor for Freshman English who’s favorite assignment was for us to “compare and contrast.” (Beowulf versus Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was his favorite smackdown.) I thought about him today when I read yet another story about  Joe Biden, our illustrious Vice President, putting his foot […]

Social Networking Gone Bad.

I’m a fan of social networking sites. I’m not big on Facebook and Twitter and MySpace – but I have a presence there, largely because they’ve each reached critical mass. They are useful for keeping track of old friends. That’s all well and good, but I’m far more interested in business-oriented sites. Keeping in touch […]