Election 2016, a Facebook Postmortem

It’s easy to play armchair quarterback and try and figure out why large demographic groups behaved in unexpected ways. Why didn’t white women vote for one of their own? Why wasn’t “she has a vagina” a compelling argument? Why did coal miners and blue collar workers flip to a Republican this year? Why wasn’t it enough to have 600,000 felons in Virginia voting Dem, not enough to turn the tide? For that matter, why didn’t the illegal alien vote put Hillary over the top? There are no real answers to these questions. So let’s look at others, and since we don’t have answers, let’s just make up some stuff. Fun, huh?

There’s a site I’ll recommend to you: collegehumor.com. On there, you’ll find a history of the world, as told through Facebook posts. Sadly, they don’t have an Election 2016 recap (yet). So I thought it would be interesting to create one. Enjoy.


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