All About The Feminists.

When Meghan Trainor released “All About That Bass,” I saw the appeal. Catchy tune. Tight arrangement. Cute video. Appealing, “take me the way I am” message. I thought “Hey, cool…a positive message for girls/women that will counter the prevailing messaging in videos that women need to obsess about their weight/looks/sexuality to attract a man.” So I was curious to see what her follow-up video would be.


On one level, you can look at “Dear Future Husband” as a tongue-in-cheek parody of 50s songs, where the girl was invariably trying to make herself into the perfect date/girlfriend/wife. I get it. But if you listen to the attitude in this song, I really don’t think it’s a joke. This is more “Feminist 101” crap, where the whole ‘tude seems to be “My way or the highway.” You could accurately portray the message here as “It’s All About…ME,” and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Why do women react to the over-sexualization of our culture by responding with ball-busting attitudes? We’d all be better served by blowing off the whole “empowering” nonsense, ignoring the slut-puppy Pop-Tarts du jour, and getting back to just respecting each other. Guys – treat women like ladies. Women – act like ladies and expect guy to treat you like a gentleman would. It’s not that difficult to figure out.

I’ve got to say, I find this video disappointing in the extreme. Musically, Trainor’s song is derivative, both from the 50s songbook she’s raiding, and her own work. Visually, it breaks no new ground. But the message? Geez…and women wonder what happened to all the “real men.” Newsflash, Meghan: We’re all sitting on the sidelines, either in fear of getting sued for smiling at you, or waiting until you get your head out of your leather-clad backside and buy a clue. If you’d have come out with a song that with a theme of “If you take me the way I am, I’d do the same for you” I would have applauded you. As it is, I suspect you’re heading for “one-hit wonder” status. And I won’t be disappointed.

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