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A Call to Arms. And Legs.

The Spirit of 1776 lives!
The Spirit of 1776 lives!

Do you love your country? I do. What are you willing to do to save it? For it needs saving. Seriously.

Understand, this is not a Democrat versus Republican, or Liberal versus Conservative issue. It’s a Right versus Wrong issue. Our country, our values, our freedoms and our inalienable human rights are under attack. From where I sit, we each have but two choices – ignore the problem and hope it goes away, or do something about it.

So what do we do?

I think the answer are the many Tea Parties that will take place across the country on July 4th.

I am against the idea of armed insurrection. To take up arms against your own country is a contradiction of the very reason to fight – how can you protect the Constitution by violating it? (Answer: you really can’t.) Until and unless the Federal Government ignores the Constitution on a wholesale basis, taking up arms is NOT the answer. And, frankly, we’re a long way from that. Unfortunately, the American people are in the position of the proverbial “frog in the pot,” with the Progressives, Socialists, Communists, and Anarchists turning up the heat, gradually. Ignore the threats to the Constitution at your own peril. Continue reading A Call to Arms. And Legs.

Hey, Letterman…didn’t you used to be funny?

The (only) funny thing about the jokes made by David Letterman at the expense of Governor Sarah Palin is that they make laughable the claims of those on the left, that the media – both the news media and the entertainment business – is unbiased. Imagine the outcry if, say some “comedian” made some similarly tasteless remark about one of Obama’s daughters. I don’t think anybody on the right would be laughing. And I know the reaction of those on the left – outrage, anger, and a call for the guilty party to be imprisoned or shot.

That’s the way life goes in the ObamaNation. Understand, I’m NOT blaming Obama for Letterman’s behavior. (He has plenty to atone for on his own.) Sarah Palin is a public figure. While I believe the “jokes” Letterman regaled his audience with were disgusting, Gov. Palin is well able to defend herself. Her daughter, however, is NOT a public figure, nor should she be subjected to the kind of vile crap that Letterman spews. Continue reading Hey, Letterman…didn’t you used to be funny?

The Feds and the Episcopalians – Compare & Contrast

While visiting my Dad in Shreveport this weekend, I had a chance to return to the church of my youth – St. Marks Cathedral. As I sat in the service, I realized that The Episcopal Church (nee: “ECUSA,” herein referred to as “TEC”) makes a dandy analog for the Federal Government, and the current events vis á vis “States Rights” versus “Federalism.” Allow me to explain… Continue reading The Feds and the Episcopalians – Compare & Contrast

Stimulate Me!

Washington D.C. seems to be obsessed with the idea of stimulating the economy. On the surface, this seems like a noble idea – our economy is in the tank right now, and the sooner we get it moving in the right direction, the better. Unfortunately, looking to Washington to fix our economy is rather like asking some thug that smashed your car window and stole your CDs to repair the car and give it a nice detailing. And putting Congress in charge of writing a bill to allocate funds for economic stimulus is not too different from putting the foxes in charge of the hen house and expecting the hens to thrive and egg production to rise.

Um…no. Don’t think so. Continue reading Stimulate Me!

Sauce for the Goose.

For the last eight years, I’ve suffered along with the rest of my fellow Conservatives, having to put up with much of Hollywood, the mainstream press, cartoonists, and just about everybody on the left who had access to a microphone, make George Bush out to be some kind of drooling moron, one step above a “developmentally disabled” charity case. The left has righteously proclaimed that they are not biased, and had no axe to grind regarding Bush & Co., and that it was all in the twisted imagination of Conservatives, that they were out to “get” Bush. What excesses they DO cop to, they claim were “all in good fun,” and they point to the fact that they also skewered Clinton (admittedly an easy target) during his Presidency. (My personal fave was the crack about Hillary forbidding the installation of a walk-in humidor in the Clinton Presidential Library.) They also protest (too much, if you ask me) regarding their treatment of Obama, claiming that they have not turned a blind eye to him, his past, and his mistakes, and asserting that they are not so enthralled with The Chosen One, that they refuse to be as critical of him as they have been of W.

Time to show yer cards, boys. Continue reading Sauce for the Goose.

The Paradox Effect.

This perception versus reality thing is rearing it’s ugly head again in regards to the Presidency. Just about every conservative pundit and blogger out there (myself included) looked at Obama’s record in the Illinois legislature and U.S. Senate (what record there was) and assumed that he would immediately make good on his campaign promise to bring our troops home from Iraq immediately. He promised to be a different kind of politician, putting together an administration that did not represent Washington insiders, but outsiders, with new, fresh, progressive ideas. 

I don’t know that I’ve ever been more comforted to discover that Obama is the same old kind of mendacious, obfuscating, say-anything-to-get-elected-and-then-do-what-you-have-to-no-matter-what-you-promised brand of politician. In short, Obama lied. He gave every indication that he was going to tilt our defense and homeland security hard to the left. In fact, if we can judge future performance by his cabinet nominees, he’s going straight to the center, bypassing a main course of “dove” with a healthy serving of “hawk.”

Thank God. Continue reading The Paradox Effect.

Where do we go from here?

Well, it’s all over, but the shouting. To those on the Left, I offer congratulations. You got almost everything you wanted (save a 60-vote majority in the Senate). To those on the Right, I have a few more choice words – later. I, for one, am looking forward to the next couple of months as a sort of vacation from the political arena. There won’t be much going on for us Conservatives. I have no desire to participate in or listen to what I anticipate will be the media’s deification prior to the coronation of The Chosen One. So I think I’ll simply talk about every thing else BUT politics. That’s fair, as I fully intend to give the Obama Administration a chance to do what they think is best for the country. (The moment, however, that they break their word on anything, I will howling in protest, along with the rest of my Conservative brethren.) So in the spirit of moving forward, allow me to nail down a few loose ends: Continue reading Where do we go from here?

The Straw Man.

As a conservative, I find it both interesting and annoying that so much of what we see on TV as “entertainment” leans (or lunges) to the left. In a weird way, it affords me a way to keep in touch (albeit somewhat reluctantly) with what the liberal side of the world is thinking. Not that I have a lot of options…most programming on the networks run from the left-of-center to the far left. The occasional shows that exhibits any love for the right (24 and The Unit) are either too popular to cancel, or anomalies that don’t usually last too long. Continue reading The Straw Man.

Conservative News…and Views.

Amarillo is a pretty conservative place. Conservative politically. Conservative socially. Conservative fiscally. So it came as something of a surprise to me that there was no local, conservative newspaper or magazine to provide conservative viewpoints on local and national issues.

Now, there is.

The Amarillo American Standard has released it’s first issue, as of today. I designed it, and contributed both artwork and one feature story. It’s available all over Amarillo, at various merchants. If you’d like to look at a copy online (and don’t mind a 3MB PDF) you can download it here.

This is the “preview issue” – the plan is to begin publishing on a weekly basis, starting in January.

Let me know what you think.

The choice we face in this election.


NOTE: This post is a slightly edited version of a piece I wrote in response to an article published in Animation World Network magazine. 
— • —
As Election Day ’08 draws near, it’s obvious that this election represents the crossing of the Rubicon for America. As voters, We the People have a choice to make, and it’s a dramatically different one than we’ve faced before. In our generation, we’ve never had to face a decision that offers such stark contrasts – Obama, the anti-war, anti-big business, big-government candidate or McCain, the pro-business, anti-tax, political maverick – who in any other year would be described as a moderate (in almost every respect, except for his position the war). 
Those on the left would have you believe that the choice we face is between the “progressive” ideas of the cool, calm and collected Obama, versus a senile, mad dog (McCain) prone to rash decisions and irresponsible positions on the war, the economy, and our future.
But pause with me for a nanosecond, and let’s consider a few (verifiable) facts, and see if those on the Left have  all the answers. Continue reading The choice we face in this election.