President Mulligan

I’m not a huge golf fan. It’s genetic. My father, my grandfather, my great-uncle, and many other forbearers were obsessed with the game. And they were all equally-genetically ill-suited for it. My great uncle Tony was a good example. On one particular day at the 18th hole, he knocked one into the water trap. He was so angry about it, he marched down to the water and threw his entire bag of expensive clubs in the drink, then stormed into the clubhouse for some liquid refreshment. His young caddy took off their shoes, socks, and rolled up their knickers, then waded in and fished out the bag and all the clubs. He then dried them off, and brought them into the clubhouse, no doubt expecting a big tip. What I’m sure he didn’t expect was that Tony grabbed the clubs under one arm, the caddy under the other, and then marched down to the water trap, where he threw them both in. Genetically. Ill-suited. So I stay off the links.

I get it. Some people are just not cut out for certain activities. And in some games like golf, the rules recognize this. In golf, they have a rule, charmingly called “the Mulligan.” A mulligan is a “do-over.” It’s an informal thing…the pros don’t get to take advantage of it. But if you hit a particularly, spectacularly bad shot, you can call a Mulligan and try it again, without a penalty.

Sadly,  there’s really no such thing as a Mulligan in politics.

For me (and many of my fellow Constitution-lovers), we’ve suffered through the last six years, watching mistake after mistake, and wishing that Obama would call a Mulligan and try again. No such luck. But the general public, aided in their cluelessness by the mainstream media, is largely oblivious to the foibles of the ObamaNation. Pick an issue. Any issue. Obama seems to have an uncanny ability to violate the Constitution, the spirt and letter of the law, and his own Oath of Office. Every. Flippin’. Time. Immigration? Yep. Illegal “Executive Orders.” Obamacare? Unconstitutional taxes masquerading as “mandates” and  illegally-funded ‘exchanges’ that violate the actual wording of the cynically-named “Affordable Care Act.” Guns? Let’s talk “Fast and Furious,” shall we? And let’s not forget Benghazi. The list goes on and on…

So I was thinking, the other day, about Obama’s love of golf, and how it’s become a metaphor for “fiddling whilst Rome burns.” Like Nero of the Roman Empire, Obama seems to have an unlimited capacity to ignore problems and simply head out to a handy course for a couple of rounds. Remember the thing last week, where that crazed nut-job walked into a black church and mowed people down with a handgun? Obama was soooooo concerned with that tragedy that he gave a speech blaming the gun (kind of like blaming a hammer when your thumb gets hit), and jetted off to California to play some golf.

Let’s look at the bitter irony  here. Mr. “I’m Going to Use Executive Orders to Do What Congress Refuses To, and Clamp Down on Carbon Emissions” flies out to the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia to enjoy several rounds of golf on a course that is maintained only by using thousands of gallons of water. You know, H2O. That stuff that’s in such short supply in the Golden State that they are rationing it, by executive fiat of the Governor. Yeah. THAT water. Obama is like a walking advertisement for “Tone-deafness.” Hell, instead of going to fund-raisers, the DNC ought to just get NBC to hold a telethon (but not on Labor Day…that would be just too bloody ironic) to search for a cure for Tone-Deafness. (Think of all the talentless, pitch-challenged, PopTarts that would line up to perform!)

I have no idea who will win the Presidency in 2016. Conventional wisdom says it will be a Republican. The media tells us Hillary is a lock. Me? I dunno. My crystal ball has a bad case of cataracts. But whoever wins, I hope that their first official act is to declare the last administration one big Mulligan, and pass some overarching law that will repeal, overturn and reverse most of what Obama’s done. Let’s call it a “do-over” and return to, oh…I dunno…actually observing laws that are Constitutional, shall we?

Then we can refer to Obama not as “The First Black President,” or “President TelePrompTer” or even “The Great Divider,” but a far more accurate moniker: “President Mulligan.”

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