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NEWSFLASH: There is NO Constitutional right to ban something that might offend you.

I know this comes as a huge shock to Progressives, Atheists and Muslims everywhere. And I hate to be the one to break this tragic news to you (not really) but I looked it up. Nowhere in the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the other Amendments is there language that guarantees that you should be protected from any- and everything that causes you to be offended. 

Sadly, an alarmingly large number of Progressives, Atheists, and Muslims have not yet gotten this news, so I’m in hopes that by pointing this out, it will serve as a public service to these groups, and help them to figure it out. Think of it as “help for the helpless, clues for the clueless, and feet for the defeated.”

Now, of course, they might have a stronger argument (or at least one that didn’t fail so spectacularly when viewed in the cold, hard light of logic and reason) if that imaginary “right” was extended to the entire populace. But no, the imaginary right to be free from offensive things extends only to them…not everybody. So within their worldview, a demand that a church remove crosses from the exterior of their building because it offends Muslims makes perfect sense, but finding it offensive that Muslims want to build a Mosque at Ground Zero is out-of-bounds, culturally-insensitive, and discriminatory against Islam. Allowing a class Valedictorian to bow her head in silent prayer at a graduation ceremony is “offensive” and “insensitive” to non-Christians, but forcing students to recite the Muslim call to worship and say that “Mohammed is the one true prophet” is the pinnacle of multicultural achievement.

Here’s the deal. Ever heard of the parable of the camel in the tent? For those not already hip to it, you have a tent. You have a camel. You want to keep the camel outside of the tent. For whatever reason, the camel wants in the tent. The camel sticks his nose under the side of the tent. Then his head. Then his neck. Bit by bit, the camel shimmies his body inside the tent. Of course, once inside, it’s almost impossible to get the camel out of the tent again, at least without taking down the tent. The point is, it’s much easier to stop something if you shut it down at the very beginning, than waiting until it’s reached critical mass.

Think of it like a cancer. (I do.) If you catch any kind of cancer in the very early stages, it’s treatable. Survivable. Winnable. If you wait until Stage 4 to begin treatment, you’re very likely going to have a screamingly low odds of survival. I’m here to tell you that this “Offensensitivty” is a cancer, be it inspired, sanctioned and foisted up on us by your favorite Liberal politician, your favorite atheist pundit, or your favorite Muslim apologist. The source matters not. The result is the thing, and the result of offensensitivity will be the end of our Nation as we know it.

There’s an illogical double-standard applied to this nonsense, and it goes, part and parcel, with slalom ride towards Socialism that the forces of the Left are doing their level best to bring down upon us. Don’t believe me? Let’s try the “hate speech” standards and practices on for size. A baker in the Pacific Northwest went out of business because two Lesbians were offended when they refused, on the basis of their religious beliefs (supposedly protected by the Constitution), to make a cake for them. A cake. They sued. And in this political climate, they won. But it wasn’t enough for this Christian couple to lose their business. No, the judge in the case decided to award the lesbian couple some serious coin – a judgement that will force the couple into personal bankruptcy. All for standing on principles and refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

Where’s the double standard? Oh, yeah – they started a project, hoping to get average people (read; “other Christians”) to contribute money to help pay the fine. Ah, but the Liberals and Lesbian Gestapo would have none of that. They prevailed upon GoFundMe to terminate the fundraising project, on the basis that the Christian bakers has violated laws governing hate speech and discrimination. Think about that. It’s against the law to uphold your religious beliefs and choose to not bake a cake for a same-sex couple. But it’s perfectly okay for GoFundMe to refuse to fund them, based on their objections to the couple’s beliefs. Double Standard.

See a cartoon that offends you? Deal with it. (And not by shooting up a convention facility, either, pinheads. Here in Texas,  we shoot back.) Hear a speaker you don’t agree with? Either go listen to somebody else, or open up a big can o’ “Shut the Hell Up,” and listen to them. (You might learn something.) Find a television show offensive? Don’t watch. Boycott their advertisers. Write a letter to the network. But stop using your intolerance as an excuse to try and remake the world in your own distorted image.

Here’s the thing. If we (and by “we” I mean “We the People”) don’t stand up and put our metaphorical foot down, insisting that the courts stop being stupid, the media stop being so one-sidedly sycophantic, and the Left/Progressives/Atheists/Muslims realize that there are gonna be things that happen in this life they don’t like, and they should put on their big boy/big girl/unisex panties and frickin’ DEAL WITH IT, we’re not going to have a country left much longer.

I love my country. I’m perfectly willing to “live and let live.” That is, right up until the time comes that these fine folks take themselves and their viewpoints so seriously that I can no longer express my own views. And we’re at that point. It’s time for a little sanity check ’round these parts – and an end to “Offensensitivity.”

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