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Apparently, Hillary Clinton never learned a thing in her youth, when she served on the Congressional staff of the investigation into Watergate.

In a report tonight in Politico, Congressman Trey Gowdy states that the former Secretary of State wiped her server clean, and has destroyed ALL the emails on it. For those of you who frequent the mainstream media (where you surprisingly might have heard a little about this story) or for those of you coming in late (welcome to the party, pal!) allow me to give you the 50,000-foot view history lesson:

Hillary Clinton ran for the Presidency against Barack Obama in 2008. She lost to Obama, which was a huge surprise, as she was touted as the presumptive nominee. At least until Obama came along.

Hillary’s consolation prize? Secretary of State, where she could stay in the public eye, burnish her foreign policy credentials, and keep warming up in the bullpen for the next time the Oval Office has a vacancy.

Just before the 2012 election, one of our Ambassadors (who has the equivalent civilian rank as a four-star general or admiral) and three special forces bodyguards were killed in an attack on a CIA facility in Benghazi.

There are many questions about that attack. Some of them directly relate to Hillary Clinton. For instance, why did repeated calls for increased security and weapons at the Benghazi facility go unanswered by the Secretary of State; why did they refuse to send a rescue mission until the next day (the attack went on over 6 hours, and our guys did not fall right away); why did Hillary, Obama, and their teams claim that this was a demonstration about some obscure YouTube video that got out of hand, rather than the truth they knew in real time: that it was an orchestrated terrorist attack.

Mrs. Clinton’s response during her Congressional testimony? “At this point…what DIFFERENCE does it make?”

After repeated calls by Congress to see all emails to and from Clinton on the attack, the run-up to the attack and the aftermath, somebody (it looks like Obama’s pal, Valerie Jarrett) leaked the info that, unlike every other government employee required to use a government email address with emails stored on a secure government server, Hillary kept a private email server at her home in Chappaqua, NY.

Her email server was hacked by at least one individual outside of the government. We do not know the extent of any leaks from hacking.

Hillary never used a government email address for her correspondence. When questioned, she claimed it was because she “didn’t want to carry two phones.” Curiously, just a few days earlier, she’d been on a national television program where she claimed she carried both an iPhone and a Blackberry.

It is against government regulations to use a personal email address for government business. In fact, Hillary fired a diplomat for doing exactly that, earlier in her term.

When any government employee, from cabinet secretary on down to the kid in the mailroom leaves, they MUST fill out a government form, attesting to the fact that they have turned over ALL government communications so they can be saved and archived.

The State Department now reports that Hillary never signed such a document, which in itself is against the law.

It is also against the law to destroy government records or property.

Hillary claims that she went over all the emails on her server, and she determined which were of a personal nature, and which were State Dept. business. She claims she turned over the government emails to the administration.  We have nobody’s word for that but Hillary’s. And since she has subsequently wiped the server, we may never know.

The truth of Benghazi will likely never be known. But there is one thing we can all take to the bank: the lessons learned from Watergate. Lesson #1: It’s not the crime…it’s the coverup.

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