Scattershootin’ Fridays…

NEWS ITEM: Keith Olbermann was fired today from his gig with CurrentTV. Yep. AlGore fired the Keithanator. Never heard of CurrentTV? Neither has anybody else other than the half-dozen left-wingnuts that watch it. But don’t feel too badly for them. Gore’s hired Former N.Y. Gov. Elliot Spitzer as his replacement. Rumored first guest: Former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). Lord knows what they’ll talk about…

NEWS ITEM: This week, the Little Rock Airport Authority announced plans to rename their airport to “The Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.” The media immediately nicknamed the airport the “Hill-Billy National.” In other news, the airport announced plans for a walk-in humidor, which is curious, since the airport is a designated no-smoking area.

NEWS ITEM: Vice President Joe Biden today called for a “Global Tax,” since he believes the world just doesn’t pay enough in taxes. In a related item, the stock price of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture anti-psychotic drugs fell today, on reports of lower earnings.


2 thoughts on “Scattershootin’ Fridays…”

  1. When they hired Keith Current TV offered him part ownership in their network. This is undoubtedly what the suit is about. Probably just as unknown as Current TV is ALEC. Never heard of ALEC? Neither has anyone else except perhaps those conservatives who live in their own separate bubble. Since 1973, ALEC has promoted, with corporate cartel sponsorship, the conservative agenda on a state by state basis. They’ve worked quietly behind the scenes deceiving many corporations of their intentions. Only recently has their activities come to light prompting Pepsi and Coke to drop their contributions to this organization that they believed was benign. Wal-Mart, however, continues to support them. Ah…just another reason to boycott Wal-Mart.

    1. Frankly, Charles, I think their support of conservative causes is all the more reason to support ALEC. And if you’re a major corporation, you typically do NOT give big bucks to any organization without doing your due diligence. The idea that Coke, Pepsi and Kraft “had no idea” about ALECs work is as believable as Billy-Bob’s “I didn’t inhale” line. And keep in mind that there are far more organizations that do what ALEC does on the other side of the political fence. Go take a look at the long list of organizations funded by George Soros, for instance – most of whom operate below the radar. Would you feel the same way about them?

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