iPhone 3GS: the missing features.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 3GS for some time now, and I’ve been keeping up with the fanboy and rumor sites, trying to gleen any crumb of info to help make the wait bearable. After yesterday’s announcement, I’m still eagerly awaiting the ship date (and plan to buy one that day), but I can’t help but wonder what happened to some of the rumored features, specifically:

  • A built-in FM transmitter – from what I heard, the chip is in the phone…why not activate it, so you don’t need some clunky, third-party solution to play your tunes over your car stereo?
  • Organic LED screen (OLED) – they suck up a LOT less battery – but they are also more expensive. I’m sure it was a trade-off decision, but I’d always vote for whatever improves battery life.
  • Memory card slot – I get it…they want to control access to the device.  But if a laptop can grow an SD card slot, why not the iPhone?

On the whole, that’s not a big list. Which is cool. They also sprung a number of features nobody expected (read: “leaked”) in advance:

  • Voice control
  • Find my iPhone service
  • Tom-Tom GPS software/holder add-on
  • on-phone video editing (!)
  • improved speed and battery life

So, I’m sitting here with minnows on my tongue (baited breath), in anticipation of the 19th (shipping day). This is the first time I’m actually considering getting up a the crack o’ dawn to stand in line with the other fanboys and sheeple to get one on the first day they are available.

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