Partying Like It’s 1836.

For those of you not from Texas, 1836 was the year the phrase “Remember the Alamo!” passed into our national lexicon, for it was that year, that 187 Americans told Mexican General Santa Anna and his 6,000 troops to go suck an egg. The Americans held off the Mexican Army for 13 days. They were eventually overrun and killed to a man, but they never gave up, never surrendered, and never quit.

On Wednesday, I was proud to be among what I estimate to be about 10,000 other Texans who gathered at that same, sacred spot in San Antonio, to draw a metaphorical line in the sand (the Alamo, by the way, is where that expression came from), to send a message to Washington: “You’re NOT LISTENING.”

If you watched the coverage on Fox News, you already know this. If you watched the mainstream media, you have no clue.

The mainstream media cabal largely tried to ignore this story. And what they didn’t ignore, they ridiculed. Obama’s press flack tried to insist that Obama “knew nothing about the tea party protests.” Congressmen from both parties either derided the event, tried to crash the parties and speak (few were allowed to, and none were allowed to speak in San Antonio), and all too few came to listen and learn.

Newsflash: the liberals, Congress, and the mainstream media are well aware of the significance of these events. And they are scared. VERY scared.

Here’s the truth about the protests: they were NOT about Republicans hating Democrats, or rich white guys hating Obama. They WERE about a bunch of over-taxed, concerned citizens trying to tell BOTH parties that we want them to stop wasting our money, stop spending so much of it, and stop demanding more of it. That’s not exclusively a Democrat problem. BOTH parties have suckled at the trough way too many times.

I wanted to be in San Antonio that day. For me, I predict we’ll all someday look back on that day the way people look at having attended Woodstock, or remembering where you were when Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. It was historic. It will be but the first of many protests. And We the People will not be denied.

When I get a chance, I’ll upload the pics I took at the event.

More later, when I’ve had a chance to collect my thoughts and impressions.

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