Barney (the less than) Frank.

There are a couple of things that just drive me absolutely nuts. Boredom. Laziness. Lying. And number one with a bullet on my hit list of things I hate: weaselness. I define “weaselness” as a behavior where the weasel in question acts in a way so as to make life easier for themselves at the expense of the rest of the world, usually by twisting the truth beyond recognition, ducking responsibility, and blamestorming.

Barney Frank is a weasel.

Ol’ Barn – the freaking CHAIRMAN of the House committee that oversees banking, mortgages and finance in the country – is the man at Ground-Zero of the financial meltdown in this country. In fact, you can say that a lot of what happened is his fault. He pushed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to create new kinds of mortgages – the so-called “interest-only” mortgages – the ones that encouraged people to purchase homes that they couldn’t afford, and now find themselves unable to pay for. Even better, Barney’s boyfriend at the time – Franklin Raines – was head of Freddie Mac. (Conflict of interest, anyone?) But Representative Less-Than-Frank is having a high old time, loudly proclaiming the guilt of the Bush Administration (and by extension, his own innocence). And the sycophantic mainstream press is lapping it up. Nobody (but a select few on the right like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reily and Sean Hannity) seems to be willing to ask the hard questions. Questions like, “um, Mr. Frank…since you’ve been in charge of the banking committee for years, why do you bear no responsibility at all for this problem?”

While watching Glenn Beck’s show on Fox this evening, his impression of Frank and his, shall we say “distinctive” speech patterns” (read: “effeminate lisp”), it dawned on me who Barney Frank reminds me of. And the resemblance is so dead-on, that I realized he must have been separated at birth. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Representative Barney Frank and his doppleganger, Sid the Sloth:


Yep. Barney and Sid are obviously singing from the same hymnal. They share the same lisp. They share the same proto-weaselness. And they share the same hand gestures. While Sid lived through the Ice Age, Barney seems determined to plunge us into a return to the Dark Ages. Yes, campers, Barney and Sid are birds of the same feather. Or fur. Whatever.

So in the spirt of trying to run that lying weasel out of office, I’ve forwarded this picture to the folks at Glenn Beck, to see if he can publicize this heretofore un-realized connection between archetypes.

And now back to your regularly-scheduled panic attack.

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