Obama’s March Towards Socialism.

I’ve been one of the ones that back before the election was warning about the consequences of a swing to the political left. Now those warnings and predictions are coming true with a speed that nobody (including me) could have anticipated. I’m no seer, nor am I some sort of political expert. But I do know people. And human nature. And when you get past the veneer of telegenic polish that is The Teleprompter President, I see what’s really going on. If anything, I’m convinced that we’re no longer heading towards Socialism (hint: We’re already there). No, what I’m worried about now is the idea that we are careening towards a totalitarian, fascist state.

If you’re not plugged in to the political process, there’s no time like the present. Start listening. Try to get past what the commentators say. Ignore the talking heads for a bit. Instead, listen to what the pols are saying – preferably the unedited version that you hear on C-SPAN. If that doesn’t scare you – nothing will.

Today, Geithner, Bernake, et all are asking Congress for the power to involuntarily take over financial institutions that are in trouble, and asking that Congress give them the power to limit executive compensation of private companies.

Think about that for a moment.

Do you really want the government telling ANYBODY how much they are allowed to earn? Do you think that limiting compensation would be an incentive to work, or would it in fact be a disincentive?

Now think about the fact that the same folks that changed the rules on mortgage lending (Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, et all) are the same ones in charge of the plans to fix things? Consider that they are recommending an unprecedented amount of spending that will raise the federal deficit to a level approaching TWO TRILLION DOLLARS.

If you like the idea of being an indentured servant (along with every other taxpayer in America) to Uncle Sam, don’t let me disturb your slumber. If not, you need to get up, get vocal, and get involved. Go to one of the many Tea Parties around the country. Visit Glenn Beck’s the912project.com. Write your Congressional Representative and your Senator. Talk amongst yourselves. DO SOMETHING.

It’s time to take a stand.

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