Random Thoughts.

I have a lot of things on my mind right now – things that don’t necessarily merrit a full blog post, but ideas I’d like to share, nonetheless. So consider this an idea sampler…

Obama IS the second coming of JFK, but not for the reasons the Dems would like to believe. I hear he’s signaled to Russia that he’s willing to put our missile sheild in Europe on the table, in exchange for their “help” with Iran. Um…so we’re going to surrender the one thing that has Putin foaming at the mouth, in exchange for some vague promise from Russia that they won’t continue to aid and abett those Iranian nut-jobs? Good plan. I hope O’s Universal Healthcare covers spinal transpants, ‘cuz it looks like he needs one…

Hey, Congress…The time to read legislation is BEFORE you vote on it.

In the alternate universe of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels, a 747 hit the Capitol building during a joint session of Congress, killing the President and most of the cabinet, the Supremes, the House and the Senate. The new President (Jack Ryan) then had to rebuild the government, and asked for Governors to select not politicians, but CEOs and others that know how to run businesses and make things happen. In one of the books, the Secretary of the Treasury was able to get the new Congress (who’s members were refreshingly-free from ties to special interests and tradition) to throw out the entire tax code and start over. My question: How do we get those kinds of political results (new Congress, new tax code, no undue influence by lobbyists) without some senseless act of terrorism, as depicted in the book?

If you’re not freaking out about what’s actually in the “Stimulus” bill and the Omnibus spending bill, you’re not paying attention.

I’ve a buddy in the frozen north who runs a software company. On his IM profile his status line reads, “You! Get off my PLANET!” Wish I’d thought of that.

To paraphrase that great, 20th Century philosopher, Forrest Gump, “Clueless is, as clueless does.”

In a weird way, I hope that Obama and the Democrats keep trying to ram through every whack-job idea they’ve wanted to put into law in the last 30 years. That is, as long as it causes the rest of the country to stand up and say “STOP. This is not the “Change” we believed in. GET OUT, and take your Socialism with you.”

I’ve been to Clearwater, Florida before – my Dad once owned a boat that was manufactured there. And I’ve been out in the Gulf of Mexico, 20 or 30 miles. That far out, you cannot see land. 21 foot boat versus > 15 foot waves, the boat gonna lose, mon, every time. All that stuff about “the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed?” Believe it.

The greatest President of the 20th Century (and one of the greatest Presidents EVER), Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of Another Republican.” Those that do not learn from history, Mr. Steele, are condemned to repeat it.

I don’t know anything about Rihanna or Chris Brown. But I know an abusive relationship, and I am constantly mystified how a woman can think so little of herself as to “try to work things out” with some idiot that thinks it’s okay to hit a woman. Great role model material there.

Speaking of mental illness, when is somebody going to publicly declare that the “OctoMom” is a few clowns short of a circus? A better question: when will people admit that government (and their willing accomplis, pop culture) is enabling and encouraging this kind of thing, with the way they set up entitlement programs, and how we fawn all over freak shows – and blame everybody but the perp.

I think Obama should name the new family dog “Crisis.” That way, every time he speaks about the economy, mortgages, banks, ecology, health care, et all, the dog will come running into the room, and provide a heartwarming photo-op for the suck-ups in the press corps. I mean, who can pay attention to what somebody’s saying when there’s a cute puppy on TV?

Isn’t it interesting that, back when Bush was in charge, every downtick of the market was an emergency, and it was all his fault. Now, every time another Obama policy comes to light and the market tanks, the talking heads all opine that this is just a “temporary market correction,” or a “daily fluctuation” and nothing to worry about.

The difference between what’s going on now and the Great Depression is that today we get our new instantly. Hopefully, this will spur the populace to keep and eye on Washington and not let them use the excuse of a “crisis” to plunge the world into another Depression.

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