The Annointed One’s Disciples.

Well, it looks like being one of The Chosen One’s Disciples (a.k.a. Obama’s Cabinet Secretaries) is not the kind of gig that either everybody wants or everybody is qualified to take. Keeping score?  So far we’ve had one flameout due to a criminal investigation (Sect. of Commerce), two flameouts for taxes (Health & Human Services, Government Efficiency Czar) and another tax cheat who made it through comfirmation to head the Treasury (including, ironically, the IRS) and one flameout today, for an inability to violate his own beliefs in order to get behind Obamas.

What’s a poor Savior to do?

I’ve gone through a lot on this. First I felt a little sorry for the O-man, figuring his vetting team dropped the ball. Then I thought that he was just having a run of bad luck, picking his cabinet. Next, I thought he just made some bad choices, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that he and his vetting staff have put ideology and strategy over competency and ethics.

That’s not only sad, it’s 180 degrees from what Obama promised. Remember the “no lobbyists” pledge. Fuggedaboutit. The “ethics first” claim. Really? Seriously? For somebody who is supposed to be the smartest of the Smartest Kids in the Room, it seems that Fearless Leader is turning out to have some truth-telling problems of his own.

The latest casualty is Senator Gregg, who was to be the second choice for Commerce Secretary. Now Gregg is a conservative Republican, a strange choice for the left-wing Kool-Aid Ddrinker’s Club that is Obama’s Cabinet. It looked (at first) as if this was to be a sneaky way to get the Democrat Gov. of Gregg’s home state to appoint a fellow Democrat, and thus secure the Dem’s dream of a 60-vote majority in the Senate. But no, he promised to nominate a Republican. No, it turns out that Obama was the one that ultimately caused Gregg to bow out, as The Anointed One caved into the supplications of his lunatic fringe followers. You see, the Commerce Secretary is in charge of the census. The U.S. Census. You know…that every-ten-year thing that determines how many Representatives each state gets and how the Congressional districts are drawn. Draw them to favor Democrats, and you could seriously end up with a situation where the Dems could cement a majority forever. Obama promised the left-wingnuts that Commerce Sect. would not oversee the Census (which, by the way, kiddies, is the way it has been done for over 200 years), but instead, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (Mr. Partisan Politics himself) would run it. Gregg promptly bolted.

When Obama claimed he’d run the White House as anything but politics as usual, I naively assumed he meant “more ethical,” “less partisan,” and “more equitable.” Wrong, wrong, wrong. So now we get more Nominatius Interruptus, and another glaring example of how the ObamaNation has gotten it’s hand caught in the cookie jar.

I’ve actually heard some Dems grousing that they miss Bill Clinton. Ouch.

So buckle up, campers. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, what with all the sound, the fury, and the fellow travellers being thrown overboard to keep The Anointed One unscathed. Please keep your arms and legs inside the cabin, until the latest emergency has come to a complete stop. Or maybe now would be a good time to panic. Whatever.

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