Sauce for the Goose.

For the last eight years, I’ve suffered along with the rest of my fellow Conservatives, having to put up with much of Hollywood, the mainstream press, cartoonists, and just about everybody on the left who had access to a microphone, make George Bush out to be some kind of drooling moron, one step above a “developmentally disabled” charity case. The left has righteously proclaimed that they are not biased, and had no axe to grind regarding Bush & Co., and that it was all in the twisted imagination of Conservatives, that they were out to “get” Bush. What excesses they DO cop to, they claim were “all in good fun,” and they point to the fact that they also skewered Clinton (admittedly an easy target) during his Presidency. (My personal fave was the crack about Hillary forbidding the installation of a walk-in humidor in the Clinton Presidential Library.) They also protest (too much, if you ask me) regarding their treatment of Obama, claiming that they have not turned a blind eye to him, his past, and his mistakes, and asserting that they are not so enthralled with The Chosen One, that they refuse to be as critical of him as they have been of W.

Time to show yer cards, boys.

Only thing is, I think that Hollywood, the mainstream media, et all have been bluffing about this fairness stuff. Not the “Fairness Doctrine.” They are serious as a heart attack about trying to silence Talk Radio and the Right. No, I mean that they’ve been kidding about coming down on Obama and the Dems in the same way they did to Bush and the Republicans.

Imagine a program on Comedy Central about Obama, of the same caliber as That’s My Bush! I don’t think so. Imagine a journalist like Helen Thomas being interviewed and calling Obama the “worst President in history,” then going on to tell the interviewer that “I’m a conservative…I was born a conservative…after all, I’m a reporter…what else could I be?” and then going on to claim that they had NEVER been accused of bias in their reporting, throughout their 50+ year career. Um…not gonna happen. I’m waiting for a conservative pop group like Green Day to come out with a CD with songs about Obama called American Idiot II. I won’t hold my breath. Or how about a newser where the reporters play a rousing game of “Stump the President,” where they try and test his knowledge of the names and pronunciations of third world leaders. Yeah, good luck waiting for that.

The simple fact of the matter is that we cannot depend on the press, Hollywood, or anybody else (save maybe Rush, Hannity, Beck, and the guys at FoxNews) to give us the loyal opposition take on Obama. Not even the Republicans, since Obama has made it clear, he wants them on his team…as long as they don’t listen to Rush or hold fast to those inconvenient “principles” that prevent them from coming on board with the ObamaNation.

What concerns me more is that, with no one willing to take Obama to task, or even stand up and say, “hey…wait a minute…doesn’t your plan take us into the jaws of socialism?,” that the country will simply bend over and take it.

I love my country. I believe in Capitalism. There’s nothing wrong here that can’t be fixed by taking our medicine, getting back to basics, and working hard. We can’t spend our way out of this. And we certainly can’t fix things, if we are unwilling to question our leaders. Criticism (at least in reasonable doses) is healthy for a democracy. Unrestrained criticism in excess is more than mean-spirited. It’s dangerous. But the love fest we’re in now is more than dangerous, because it encourages us all to close our eyes and ears, unplug our free will, and take everything on faith. Faith is fine and dandy – when you’re talking about your relationship with God. Not when you’re talking about trust in government. Last I checked, that’s one promotion Obama hasn’t yet gotten. Or did I just overlook that memo…

2 thoughts on “Sauce for the Goose.”

  1. Interesting thought there. I guess maybe because he is still new in office and after a few weeks or so, or with major setbacks, the opposition will be at the top of their voice and start questioning.

  2. Interesting thought there. I guess maybe because he is still new in office and after a few weeks or so, or with major setbacks, the opposition will be at the top of their voice and start questioning.

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