Merry ChristmaKwanzakaFestiMas?

Look. I’ve had enough. The politically correct crowd, the rabid atheists, and the secular progressives can all go hang themselves. Here’s the deal: Christmas is, by its very definition, a CHRISTIAN holiday. Period.

The word “Christmas” comes from “Christ Mass” – the sacrament of Holy Communion, said to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. No more. No less. In the intervening years since Christ walked the Earth, many traditions regarding this celbration have arisen. Some are appropriate. Some less so. (For those that insist that Christ would not approve of celebrating His birth at all, I wonder just how thrilled Jesus really is, to see the instrument of his torture and death celebrated as his own symbol. I mean, I get the “triumph over death” idea, but seriously…if you’d been put to as painful a death as could be imagined, I’m pretty sure you’d have at least an involuntary twitch every time you saw a cross. But, I digress…)

I heard a great argument for Christmas from Dr. Leonard Peikoff, an intellectual disciple of the founder of Objectivism, Ayn Rand. He celebrates Christmas (he, like Rand is an atheist), but does so because Christmas is also a celebration of capitalism. That’s true. I have a lot of Jewish friends who celebrate it for the same reasons. Good for them. Frankly, I don’t care if celebrate Christmas or not, as long as you don’t try to screw up my enjoyment of the holiday. These idiots in Washington State that are Hell-bent on poking every Christian on the planet in the eye with their little billboard in the state Capitol building have gone too far. So have those bunch of Hollyweird clowns, Jack Black included, who have made fun of Christians because they’re ticked off that a majority of Californians voted down the idea that gays could get married. Too bad.

I don’t get insulted when my Jewish friends celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Passover, or Yom Kippur. I could care less if an American Muslim celebrates Ramadan. I’m even tolerant of the folks that are taking Kwanzaa and Festivus seriously. Knock yourselves out. I will respect your holidays. You respect mine. Don’t make me have to stop the logic and reasoning car, and discipline you kids. I’ll do it. I really will.

I’m tired and fed up of the idea in the mainstream media and in secular/progressive circles that Christians are to be treated as second-class citizens. Just like White Males and WASPs, just because we’re in the majority, doesn’t mean you get to treat us as if we’re social pariahs, to compensate for the size of other groups.

So here’s the bottom line. Leave Christmas alone. Or else. Go any farther, and those of us that believe in Christ are going to exercise our majority status and see to it that OUR holidays and traditions are given at least the same amount of respect as your “Festivus for the Rest of Us.”

Oh, and Merry ChristMass.

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