No, I’M Spartacus!

You gotta love the whole Joe the Plumber thing. For all the efforts John McCain has made to make a dent in Obama’s Teflon armor, it took a blue collar guy like Joe to make a connection to We the People…(Hey! This guy Obama is gonna take my money and redistribute it to people who don’t work, or don’t have as much money as I do!)

Of course, the Obama campaign, those on the Left, and the mainstream media could not let this go unchallenged.

Now we learn that several departments in the Ohio state government have illegally accessed Joe’s records and released the data to the media. We’ve learned the Shocking! Details! that Joe goes by his middle name (as far as I know this is legal – I do it myself), and that he’s (the horror) had problems with the IRS. 

Wow. It turns out that the Left is REALLY worried about this guy. And why shouldn’t they be? He’s made a real connection to people. (So did Sarah Palin – McCain’s two-for-two on that score.) But the problem for the left is that Joe the Plumber exposed Obama’s core beliefs, and in such a way as to make it impossible for him to squirm out of the scrutiny this has triggered. 

Even Joe the six-term Senator has gotten in on the act. When a Florida reporter asked him how Obama’s “redistribute the wealth” plan was different from that of Karl Marx (for those of you who slept through World History, the father of Communism), Biden looked incredulous, said “are you serious?” and then ignored the question. After dodging several more pointed questions, Biden looked increasingly more uncomfortable. (Didn’t they get the memo? The press is on OUR side! We’re supposed to get softball questions only! Nobody told me I’d be having to answer questions on ideology!)

Now we learn that the Obama camp plans to freeze out the reporter – and TV station – that had the temerity to ask questions of The Chosen One’s sidekick. Nice. Is that the way press conferences will be held if The Chosen One ascends?

The talking heads they’ve sent up to defend Biden’s performance have been a real hoot, too. For instance, the clown they sent from Air America to be interviewed on Fox insisted (inSISted!) that the question was without merit, because Karl Marx was a Communist – not a Socialist (splitting hairs, if you ask me) and that Socialism is a fine thing. He even tried to throw the argument over to Sarah Palin’s camp, insisting the Palin hasn’t been seen in press conferences, so they shouldn’t be going after the Obama/Biden camp. 

For the record, Palin has had five “press availabilities” in the last seven days. Biden has had one, and Obama hasn’t been quizzed since September 12th. 

Of course, if I had a running mate with foot-in-mouth disease like Biden, I think I’d keep him as far away from the microphones as possible. Clueless Joe seems to have a rare talent for saying things that come back to bite him (not to mention Obama). This is what happens when you put your mouth in gear – and your brain is stuck on Idle. 

So we’re about a week out. Will the populist appeal of Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin carry the day? I don’t know. But I hope so. And as for me…I’M Joe the Plumber.

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