A little blogging news.

grokmediaI’m a big fan of blogging. Part of it is that I’m a writer – copywriting, techincal writing, correspondence, you name it. (Mrs. Digital keeps bugging me about writing the next Great American Novel. We’ll see.) Anyway, I’ve been gratified by the responses I’ve gotten, as well as the ever-increasing number of people that are reading my blog. Blogging is a lot like anything else you do – the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. One of the things I’ve learned, is that if you put a little work into promoting your blog with the blog aggregators and social networking services, you’ll dramatically increase the number of people that know about your blog – and if it’s any good, the number of people reading it.

That’s good advice for anybody, but part of being a marketer is “eating your own dog food” – in other words, taking your own advice. I created Captain Digital Speaks! to give me an opportunity to write. (Q: how do you know when you’re a writer? A: When you write because you HAVE to…not because you WANT to.) Because I write about what I’m interested in (and my interests are wide and varried) my blog tends to be all over the map – marketing, politics, pop culture – you name it. That may make things easy on me (after all, I’m my own editor, and I’ve got nobody telling me “that’s off-topic” or “you can’t write about that”), but it can be a little off-putting for a corporate blog. That’s why this blog is hosted under the Captain Digital banner, and not under the masthead of my agency, grokmedia. That gives me a lot of lattitude, but it doesn’t do much to drive traffic to my own website. So, you see, I’m building an audience, one post at a time, but while I’m getting a lot out of it personally, it’s not doing me a lot of good professionally. My solution is to create a second blog.

So, as of this evening, I’ve created a blog for my agency (grokmedia |mediablog) as a sort of sister publication to this blog. My plan is to keep the grok blog focused on marketing, advertising and design. This blog will cover everything else I’m interested in – music, pop culture, politics, religion, and so forth.

Obviously, if you’re reading this blog to get marketing advice, tips, and reviews, you’re going to want to check out the grokmedia | mediablog. When I think that a post covers something more than just marketing (for instance, if it’s a post about marketing and pop culture) I may simply post it on both blogs. (Hey – they’re both mine…if I can’t make the rules up as I go, what’s the good in blogging?)

So, check out my new blog – and (please!) keep reading this one. And if you like what you read here, be sure and share the URLs or RSS feeds with your friends. Thanks!

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