Zig Obama.

Barack Does Berlin.I’m a conservative. (Note I didn’t say “I’m a Republican.” In today’s world of RINOs – Republicans In Name Only – running the show, I can’t claim kinship…the word “Republican” has no real meaning any more.)

As a conservative, I’m against practically everything Obama stands for. You know – socialism, higher taxes, less national defense, more appeasement – that sort of thing. Frankly, Obama scared me silly from the begining, as I see him as the perfect candidate for this age of political parties held hostage by radical fringe groups and a mainstream media who has abandoned their traditional job as neutral observers and become a bunch of cheerleaders for a single candidate (Obama, if you’ve not been paying attentition to the blatant media bias). But last night, as I watched The Annointed One address a political rally in Germany (?!), I realized what REALLY scares me about this guy. The Annointed OneStanding in front of the “Freedom” monument in Germany, addressing a huge crowd hanging on his every word, Obama looked a lot less like a candidate for the Presidency of These United States, and a lot more like a Socialist World Dictator-in-Waiting. Don’t believe me? Go listen to what he’s actually saying. The guy is advocating that the USA take a backseat to Europe, abandon our own sovereignity, and all ‘work together’ for a better world. Of course, the way he wants to do that is to hit us with lots of new taxes, restrict our freedoms, and regulate us into the stone age.

Did anyone stop to think that there’s not one German who can vote for him? I mean, who in the Hell runs for President and stages a campaign rally in a country half-way round the world? Of course, if you want to give a speech that sounds like something a dictator would give to an adoring crowd of sheeple, you couldn’t pick a better spot than at the foot of a tower relocated by Hiltler back around WWII. The symbolism is staggering, even for the empty suit candidacy that is Obama’s.

Interesting, the mainsteam media types are so busy jockeying for the chance to be in the presence of The Annointed One, that they’ve completely missed the sigificance of this thing: Forget being President as the “highest office in the land.” Obama’s got his sights set higher. Much higher. Get used to it: Zig Obama.

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