Why doesn’t Islam practice excommunication?

Danish Mohammed CartoonWhoo, boy, am I opening a can o’ worms on THIS one. Exhibit A to the left here is one of the cartoons the Danish papers had the courage to print. Now, it’s not that the cartoon is really in bad taste – not when we Christians have to content with the ‘art’ of Robert Maplethorpe, and countless other depections in the media of Christians as narrow-minded, biggoted simpletons – but it is not the cartoon itself (nor what it implies) that I want to talk about tonight. No, campers, it is the reaction to the cartoons – not by the radical Islamists, but by everyone else.

When some idiot does something stupid in the name of Christianity (or wraps themselves in the flag of Christianity as a defense), I’m usually among the first to comdemn their actions, and state VERY loudly, that my God doesn’t condone that kind of thing. Think about the Branch Davidian nut jobs, or the recent splinter group of polygamist “Mormons” – even the mainstream Mormon church reps practically raced to the nearest microphones to condemn that bunch of cultists. Now, let’s pause for a nanosecond, whilst we wait for the thundering herd of Muslims that condemn the latest radical Islamist atrocity.

Still waiting…

Ah. Well. You can count on the appolgists making the rounds of the news, claiming 1) it wasn’t that bad, 2) the perps were avenging some wrong, so they were righteous and just went a little overboard, 3) it was the Jews in radical Islamist garb, conspiring with the Americans (Great Satan) to smear the good name of Islam.

Missing in all this is a bunch of moderate Muslims going appoplectic, saying that this isn’t an accurate representation of their religion, and the nut jobs doing this must be hunted down, arrested, prosecuted, and/or stopped at all costs. Wonder why we don’t hear that sort of commentary? So do I.

I’m of two minds on this. In version one, the moderate Muslims are all afraid to speak the truth, for fear of being labeled apostates by the radicals, and marked for death. In version two, there are no REAL moderate Muslims – there’s just the guys that serve as the shock troops, and the ones sitting on their hands until the bloody work is done and they can step out of the shadows and claim that Islam is really a ‘religion of peace,’ and the radicals were just having a bad decade or so.

The more I see crap like the appolgist videos out on YouTube (read: recruiting tool), the more I think that version two is the one we really need to believe.

Wanna read some good literature on the subject? Try a non-fiction title called Londonistan, a study of how England’s lax immigration policies and slavish devotion to political correctness has made London the Petri dish for Islamic extremism in Europe. Do your tastes run more to fiction inspired by current events? Pick up a copy of Brad Thor’s The Last Patriot, a page-turner with a bunch of facts to back up the premise that Islam is not and has never been a religion of peace, and that current events are far from the first time we’ve dealt with the threat of radical, Wahabi-flavored Islam. (For the record, that would be Jefferson v. the Barbary Pirates. We won only when we stood up to them and blew them out of the water. Literally. Then took the fight to their house. It’s where the U.S. Marines first got their street cred – on the shores of Tripoli.)

So you can continue to pretend this isn’t a problem, play by our rules and watch our country die from within. Or you can wake up and realize that the rules have changed, and that political correctness and a love of Liberal, “progressive” equality is gonna get us all killed. Your choice. As for me, my radar is on Red Alert, and I’m keeping my head out of the sand.

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