Between Iraq and a Hard Place.

Despite our best efforts, it seems the world is a more dangerous place today, than it was yesterday. Understand, that’s no knock against President Bush and our troops. Quite the contrary, I think they’ve done an amazing job, given they’ve had to fight an unconventional war against an enemy with no uniform, not to mention fight against a mainstream media who tells only the story they want to tell (and not the whole truth), and the liberals here at home who want Bush to lose, no matter what the cost. But like an insane, global version of Whack-A-Mole, the bad guys just keep on popping up, daring us to do something about them.

We bopped Afghanistan. Then Iraq. Now it looks like it’s gonna be Iran’s turn. Unfortunately, our guys have been largely trained and equipped heretofore to fight conventional warfare against a conventional armed force. Now we have to retool, rethink, and reorganize to fight against these terrorists who wait in the shadows and fight like…well, like cowards.

So…what to do about the Insane Clown Posse that runs Iran? I mean, you’ve got a bunch of old farts (the mullahs) that are in charge, who care more about their own twisted idology, than they do about, say, improving their country and their people’s lot. They sit on what I’ve heard tell is the largest amount of crude oil on the planet, yet they claim to pursue nuclear power for "peaceful purposes." Uh huh. Sure. And their recently-elected el Presidente is one of the former "students" who masterminded the Iranian Hostage Crisis back in the days of Jimmy "Maliaze" Carter’s 4 years at the helm. (It is a measure of just how bad this situation is, when you have the Bush Administration, Carter, and the French government all singing out of the same hymnal.)

From what I’m reading, it’s no longer a matter of "if" but "when" that Iran get’s what they’re asking for. In spades. What I don’t get is that we have a situation here that seems pretty straightforward on the face of it – Iran rattles the nuclear sabre, the world (except those fine, self-serving nations of Russia and China) speak with one voice (when was the last time that you can recall THAT happening?) and tell Iran, no, you bloody well CAN’T play with nukes. Is Iran so whacked that they actually think the world will stand by and do nothing whilst they arm themselves? (Okay, I admit, the world’s record on common sense and unity isn’t that great, but at least they ought to acknowledge that the U.S. and Israel aren’t going to stand by and wait this one out.) Oh, wait. I see…they must think that Bush is powerless, having tied up our military in Afghanistan and Iraq, and has enough opposition at home that he can’t hit Iran before it’s too late to stop them. Now where would they get an idea like that, I wonder? Oh. Yeah. The Libs and the mainstream media, working as one, monolithic voice, determined to stop Bush no matter what the cost. Newsflash, folks. In case you were wondering, the bill on your little charade is about to come due. The cost? War with Iran. Perhaps if you’d supported America instead of mercilessly bashed her, Iran wouldn’t think that they could get away with this. But, I’m sure you’ll miss that point, in your rush to judgement. Once we have to go in and settle Iran’s hashish, you’ll smugly sit around and accuse Bush of either squandering our military might on "not Bin Laden" or claim that our war against terror EMBOLDENED Iran.

I just finished reading the entire Chronicles of Narnia series to my 8-year-old daughter. The last part of the final book – The Last Battle – was thought provoking. Without giving away too much of the story, there was a group of people – dwarves – who were ushered into paradise, but because they could not see the truth in front of their eyes, they kept themselves, quite literally, in the dark. They were forever condemed to roam about in what they thought was a dark dungeon. Had they but cast off their misconceptions and selfish biases, they would have seen – and experienced – Heaven. The tag team of Liberals and MSM is a lot like that. And I’m afraid that because of them, there’s gonna be Hell to pay.

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