Iran to USA: “Bring IT!”

Remember what I said a while back about “Playground Logic“? Today, Iran told Uncle Sam to “bring it on, baby!” They’re upset that we had the unmitigated gall and audacity to question their sincerity regarding their nuclear program. You see, Iran has more natural gas and crude oil than the world needs. They have no need of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. However, they could certainly make use of a spare nuclear weapon or two, as their leaders believe that Israel doesn’t deserve to exist, and they should be the ones to bring about its destruction.

The problem here goes right back to the schoolyard. Iran is attempting to call the rest of the world’s bluff. They’ve tried threatening to cut off the world’s access to their oil. That didn’t work. Now they are threatening bodily harm to the U.S. and our interests. With George Bush as our Commander in Chief, that’s not gonna work either. (Can you but imagine what we’d be doing if either Gore or Kerry had won?)

The world can’t afford to allow the nutcases that run Iran to have the Bomb. It is a measure of how serious this subject is that we see nations like France (gotta hand it to those cheese-lovin’ surrender monkeys) are siding with us, and stating without equivocation that we cannot allow their nuclear program to go forward.

Wow. So virtually the entire, civilized world (except Russia and China, who have a vested interest in keeping Iran happy at all costs) are on the side of the angels (us, again) and against Iran.

This is also a clue as to how these countries REALLY feel about our involvement in Iraq. They may publicly berate us; call us ‘war-mongers’ and ‘imperialists,’ but its all window dressing. Privately, they are thrilled that Uncle Sam “took one for the team” on Iraq. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be so keen to force Iran into a corner.

What’s going to happen? I dunno. If the Iranian mullahs and President were sane, it would be an easy call. They’d pull a Fidel – bluster and then back down. Unfortunately, they have the same kind of tenuous grip on reality that Kim Jung Il has over in N. Korea, which is to say “none at all.” These crackers truly believe that they are destined to bring about the apocalypse. (Of course in their version, it’s not Jesus that returns, punishes the bad guys – [that would be THEM, if you’ve not been keeping score] and establishes Heaven here on Earth. Nope, they see a world-wide, Islamic state.

Let’s pause for a second, and think about how everyone is choosing sides. On the side of the angels (us, remember?) we have the U.K., Germany, France, and most of the rest of the free world. On the side of the insane mullahs we have Russia, China (for mostly selfish, oil-related reasons) and most of the liberals, democrats, and secular-humanists in this country.

Here’s a heapin’ plate of Irony for you…people like Pat Schroeder, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Barbara Boxer are generally against the USA doing anything that might hurt Iran’s feelings. The irony? Iran’s publicly stated position on women holds that they are chattel, sub-human, and better not seen (hidden by a burka) than heard. In an Islamist state, women have virtually no rights, and can be thrown out into the street for displeasing their husbands at any time. In fact, a husband has the right to kill his wife with virtually no repercussions. But Pat, Nancy, Hillary and Barbara would rather support Iran’s right to blow us all up to Kingdom Come than stoop to supporting the Bush Administration.

Let me make a little prediction. Iran is NOT going to back down. Israel and the USA are going to have to use a military option to stop Iran’s dreams of becoming a nuclear power. That’s going to mean that we will have to use nuclear weapons. Bush won’t do it without running out of every other option, but I think it WILL come to that. And at that point, boys and girls, we have a whole new ball game. Our Special Forces guys will have to take out their leadership, and we’ll all hope and pray that, this time around, the Iranian students and huddled masses will really yearn to be free – and will set up a real democracy. That will make three Muslim countries ruled by democracies – Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Think about that. It’s gonna make the Saudis, the Emirates, and the rest of the Middle East very nervous. Then the game gets interesting. Will that be the tipping point that makes the Bush Doctrine into a democracy domino theory? I don’t know. But it’s what I’m hoping for. And the rest of the world? They’re just hoping that we’ll do the right thing, so they won’t have to wish they did.

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