The 109th Senator.

Today was an historic day. Samuel Alito was confirmed by the Senate (and immediately sworn-in, I suspect so that Messrs. Kennedy and Kerry couldn’t rally the troops to somehow rescind the approval). I predict that this event will go down in history as the day that the Supreme Court began an inexorable swing back to the right, and traditional values of God and Country.

For the last fifty years or so, the court has moved more and more to the left. Even the man I credit as our greatest president, Ronald Regan had little luck in swinging the court to the right – his pick, retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, became the court’s most famous mugwump (look it up). President Regan called her “my biggest mistake.” I can’t disagree. Thanks to her waffling, she became known as a “swing vote,” a clever liberal turn of phrase that essential means “conservative turncoat.” Today, a solidly conservative judge has taken her place, and President Bush has promised that, should another opening come along, he’ll again nominate someone cut from the same bolt of good conservative cloth as is Chief Justice Roberts, and Justices Alito, Thomas, and Scalia.

I caught some of Ted Kennedy’s psychotic break today on Fox News. It was pretty amazing. He did everything but cite a mythical Constitutional provision for a “swing vote” on the court to try and stop Alito’s confirmation. I heard one pundit explain the liberal’s position, stating that they felt that the court was supposed to essentially be the equivalent of nine extra Senate seats that they would control. Wow. Great analogy. You see, at one time, I lived under a Democrat President, House, Senate, and, effectively, the Supreme Court. Today marks the first day in decades where the right has effective control of every branch of government. There was a time that I believed it was a good thing for the “loyal opposition” to be in control of one or more branches of government, believing as Jefferson did, that the government that governs best, governs least. No more. For you see, the “loyal opposition” is anything BUT loyal. In an age where a nut-job like Cindy Sheehan can hobnob with a socialist leader like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and a few days later attempt to disrupt the bloody State of the Union address, by way of a ticket to the event given her by a sympathetic Democrat representative, I’ll vote with giving the whole kit ‘n caboodle to the GOP. I don’t agree with everything they do, but, by God, they do SOMETHING. All the Democrats seem to do is to hate Bush and sing a hearty chorus of “Whatever it is, I’m Against It!” If the Democrats really believe that it’s time to end the partisan fighting, then let them start by ending the ritual character assassination of qualified judicial candidates. Let them propose alternatives to the Bush administration’s plans – not simply nay say every move they make. Oh, and if they could, get Teddy into rehab. From the looks of it, he needs a long vacation. Maybe he could drive, and take Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Harry Reid as his sponsors. That alone might restore some civility to the Senate, and perhaps to our polarized nation.

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