Media Bias.

Think the only bias you see on TV is in the network news departments? Think again. Last night, Law & Order featured a script whereby the Minutemen were depicted as ultra-right-wing fanatics who find it acceptable to murder to prove their point.

Give me a break.

Let’s see…the Minutemen are a bunch of unarmed volunteers trying to illuminate the wholesale invasion of our country by illegals (sorry…”undocumented workers”) whose ranks include terrorists, drug runners, murderers, and others who would do our country harm. I live in the Texas Panhandle. There are more Hispanics in this area than there are Blacks or other minorities. Think they want the borders open? Nope. They are all for enforcing immigration laws.

The insidious thing about shows like Law & Order is that they do their best to paint their political position as “the truth” and the opposition as raving lunatics. They do it under the guise of entertainment, and do it in such a way so as to encourage you to put your brain on hold, and accept what they are preaching as fact.

Ironically, if Dick Wolf and the other producers of mainstream entertainment were conservatives, and if they pushed a conservative agenda, you’d hear any number of people calling for Congressional investigations, Senate hearings, and enforcement of the “Equal Time” rule for political speech.

Am I the only one who’s tired of having the left-wing philosophy shoved down our collective throats?

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