Avoiding the Obvious.

3000 lb. gorilla
What happens when your worldview clashes with reality? For most people, it seems they will go to almost any length to ignore the obvious.

Case in point, Sony. They maintain that there’s nothing wrong with their DRM software – people just misunderstand it. Uh huh. As if we all fail to grasp that Sony is using their goal to prevent (mis)use of their copyrighted IP and just happen to endanger every computer by installing a back door for hackers. They think they are justified in doing whatever it takes to protect their property – even putting customer’s property (their PCs) at risk. When confronted by the folly of their actions, they first ignore, then spin it, then back down but refuse to acknowledge the obvious – they were wrong.

Case in point: France. France has encouraged a lot of disaffected Muslims to immigrate, then refused to allow them to integrate into their society. When the melting pot boiled over, they seem to thing that the solution is “more social programs” (i.e.: more welfare). Feh. The problem is that they’ve let a big honkin’ group of people that hate the French (and Europe, and non-Muslims, etc.) into their country, and now they are acting surprised that there’s a problem.

Case in point: USA. If our country was a boat, and our borders were the hull, we’d be sinking up to our gunwhales. (look it up.) But politicians – on both sides of the asile – look at dealing with the problem with the same enthusiam they have for dealing with other “third rail,” hot-button issues like Social Security and the tax code. It’s really very simple. If you have a law, it is meaningless unless you enforce it. If you want to maintain security, you have to seal the borders. If that means you cut off access to cheap labor, then you either come up with a “guest worker” program, or you bite the bullet and do without them. It’s not a question of bias, biggotry, or isolationism. It’s a question of survival.

Ignoring the obvious seems to be an epidemic, brought on by a love of political correctness, and a mistaken belief that if you simply want something to be true badly enough, then it will be true. Here’s a clue: it ain’t gonna happen. In order to deal with a problem, you must first acknowledge the problem, and acknowledge the true nature of the problem. But isn’t that…obvious?

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