Future Computing.

Thoughts as I spend day three rebuilding my laptop due to a catastrophic crash of the registry…

Windows Media Center PC
As PCs and televisions merge and PCs attempt to take over our living rooms as “media centers” I make the following observation:

Things are moving in the wrong direction.

I don’t want a PC that plays TV. I want a PC that works like a TV.

I want a PC that is instantly on, when I press the power switch. I want one that is so brain-dead simple, any idiot can operate it. I want one where no matter what, everything plays on it. I want one that can go anywhere and still work. And I want one that doesn’t EVER need rebooting or a reinstallation of the operating system.

Don’t tell me to get a Mac. Had ’em. That’s just trading one set of problems for a different set. Besides, within a year or two, Macs will be nothing more than PCs with a different OS.

My TV never crashes. It comes on instantly. My seven-year-old daughter can operate it without instructions. (Even the DVR part.)

Why do we settle for what we have, when we know the way they SHOULD work?

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