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Hell to the Veep.

The Veep. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
The Veep. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Back in the day, I had a college professor for Freshman English who’s favorite assignment was for us to “compare and contrast.” (Beowulf versus Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was his favorite smackdown.) I thought about him today when I read yet another story about  Joe Biden, our illustrious Vice President, putting his foot in his mouth yet again. (Are his shoes orthopedic or orthodontic?)  Think back several administrations ago, when Bush the First was in office. Back then, the media’s favorite sport was lying in wait for then-Vice President Dan Quayle to say something – anything – that they could pounce on. Remember the big brouhaha about “Potatoe”? How about his comment about unwed mothers? As I recall, nothing Quayle did or said even remotely approached the idiocy of what our current Veep comes out with on a more-or-less regular basis. And while we do get to hear about what Biden says (thanks to FOX News and conservative Talk Radio), nobody in the mainstream press seems to be able to muster up more than a “that’s just ol’ crazy Uncle Joe…gotta love him” kind of riff. No outrage. No “off with his head frothing at the mouth.” No “get this guy a muzzle, stat!” panic from the members of the fourth estate. No, they saved all that for Danforth “Full Dinner Jacket” Quayle. Nope. Nary a peep outta the media over Biden, even as virtually every Republican I know is suddenly praying fervently for the continued health of Obama. Continue reading Hell to the Veep.

Get out your crystal balls…

…for it’s debate time. I’m looking forward to tonight with a sense of anticipatory dread. I’m hopeful Palin will exceed all expectations, and blow Biden out of the water. In order to do that, however, she will have to not only win, but win by such a convincing margin that nobody in the mainstream media will be able to pretend she didn’t. Here are the possible outcomes, in order of worst to best. I’m handicapping the debate, just so some of my liberal friends and I will be able to gloat about who’s right and who’s wrong, prediction-wise, aprés-debate… Continue reading Get out your crystal balls…


Obama must be really nervous tonight. Biden, however, must be wishing he’d been screening his calls.

To call Sarah Palin’s speech amazing is to shower it with faint praise. I think this will go down in history in the same vein as the speech Ronald Regan gave to nominate Barry Goldwater (the speech that launched Regan’s political career). If there were any doubts on the Right that Sarah Palin was the wrong pick, they were more than answered with an emphatic “NO” tonight. She was everything the Right wants, and then some. If there was any doubt on the Left that Palin is going to be all but impossible to beat on the stump, those doubts have been suddenly and decisively retired. The Dems are in real trouble here. Palin’s articulate, well-spoken, intelligent, and…experienced – in both public speaking and in dealing with issues. (She even acquitted herself admirably on foreign policy issues.) And as far as the media goes, if they entertained any thoughts that she might be a pushover, or an easy ‘get’ for their poisoned pens, she quashed those. (My favorite line was the one about how she was not going to Washington to please the liberal media, but to serve the people.) Booyah! Continue reading WOW.

A Light Dawns.

Wow. When McCain sewed up the GOP nomination, I was resigned to hoping that he’d make a really great VP pick – somebody who would embody REAL Conservative values and principles. Sadly, none of the frontrunners really rang my bell. Jindal refused to be considered. Thompson wasn’t even in the running. Romney looked like a lock, but lost a lot of cred in the primaries, with unexplained “changes of heart” on core-values issues.

Then McCain surprised us all. Continue reading A Light Dawns.

Biden his time…

So after all the hype, all the speculation, and all the waiting, Biden’s the guy. Most of the pundits are asking the question “What does Biden bring to the ticket.” While that’s a question that certainly bears asking, I’d much rather go the other way, and ask “what does Biden take away from the Dem’s chances in November?” Fortunately, Biden is a known quantity – after all he was a candidate for President twice on his own – most recently this year.

In no particular order: Continue reading Biden his time…