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Scouting Today.

Hello, and we’d like to welcome you to this emergency meeting of the Kiowa Council of the Boy Scouts of America. As the Chairman of your Equality Compliance Committee, I’ve been charged with overseeing the transition of our organization into one that will be a model of politically-correct thought for the new millennium. As you might expect, there are a lot of changes in store for the Scouts. I’m sure you’ve heard rumors. We’ll I’m here to put all those rumors to rest. We have a crack team of experts on ethics, working ’round the clock to insure that we move to the cutting edge of correct thought. Continue reading Scouting Today.


Obama must be really nervous tonight. Biden, however, must be wishing he’d been screening his calls.

To call Sarah Palin’s speech amazing is to shower it with faint praise. I think this will go down in history in the same vein as the speech Ronald Regan gave to nominate Barry Goldwater (the speech that launched Regan’s political career). If there were any doubts on the Right that Sarah Palin was the wrong pick, they were more than answered with an emphatic “NO” tonight. She was everything the Right wants, and then some. If there was any doubt on the Left that Palin is going to be all but impossible to beat on the stump, those doubts have been suddenly and decisively retired. The Dems are in real trouble here. Palin’s articulate, well-spoken, intelligent, and…experienced – in both public speaking and in dealing with issues. (She even acquitted herself admirably on foreign policy issues.) And as far as the media goes, if they entertained any thoughts that she might be a pushover, or an easy ‘get’ for their poisoned pens, she quashed those. (My favorite line was the one about how she was not going to Washington to please the liberal media, but to serve the people.) Booyah! Continue reading WOW.