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Reliving life through my daughter’s eyes.

Being a dad is the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten to do. Cooler than playing drums with a big band. Cooler than meeting the President. Cooler than getting published. Cooler than winning some big award for design. I’d trade every experience I’ve ever had, if that’s what it would take to keep being my daughter’s father. It’s that big of a deal. Continue reading Reliving life through my daughter’s eyes.


I was at a banquet tonight given under the auspices of “America Supports You,” a group that helps Americans show tangible support for our military personnel and their families. It got me to thinking about tough jobs. Anybody serving in our military has a tough job. That almost (but not quite) goes without saying. Military families have a tough (and usually under-appreciated) job, too. Keeping things going stateside while your significant other is deployed can be every bit demanding (in a quite different way) from serving in harm’s way. Tonight, I’d like to talk about another tough job: Fatherhood. Continue reading Fatherhood.