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Calypso Harry!Why is anybody taking this guy seriously?

If this country had any cojones left, we’d either put him in a home for the mentally unstable, or we’d be prosecuting him for treason. But noooooo…he marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a pal of Paul Robeson. He Speaks Out For the Oppressed!

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Senators: “It’s All About ME.”

I love televised hearings…especially those from the Senate Judiciary. Proof positive that these preening popinjays are in reality garrulous gasbags, there’s no way you could crowd that many egos in one room unless they were in a gaseous state.

My favorite part of the proceedings is when the Senators each get their turn at the microphone to bore us for 10 minutes or so with the public display of grinding their axe against the skin of the nominee. The opposition party warns ominously that the nominee is in for a tough fight if he dares voice an opinion that endangers their pet positions. The other party flaps their gums in what can only be called a love fest.

Give me a break.

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Who is Captain Digital?

What is this all about? Simple. I’m a marketing guy/graphic designer/copywriter/animator/whatever. As you might expect with all those “/” in my vocations, I have a lot of opinions on a lot of things. Mostly marketing and advertising, but we may wander ocasionally. Check back here for random thoughts on the state of marketing, advertising, politics, pop culture, and (un)common sense.