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I’m a conservative. I’ve been a conservative since waaaay before it was unfashionable and politically incorrect to be one. But when I say “conservative,” what I mean is that I adhere to the principles of smaller government and self-reliance – not the kind of “compassionate conservatism” and borderline soft Socialism that has been masquerading as conservatism lately.

And I’m mad as Hell this morning.

Tell you a little secret…I voted for George Bush four times – twice for Governor and twice for President. I thought – and still think – that he’s a good man, and the best candidate for the job. At no time, however, did I ever believe that he was a genuine conservative. Oh, sure, I acknowledge that he’s more conservative than Ann Richards, Al Gore, or John Kerry. But he’s far from a believer in the kind of conservatism I believe in.

Case in point, the automobile bailout decision. Continue reading Sellout!

Jeep-ers, Creepers!

As many of you may know, I’m a big fan of Jeeps. This has not always been the case. It’s really an outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible change in my thinking, thanks to 9/11. Sound odd? Read on…

To give you an idea of my history and love/hate affair with the automobile, here’s a list of the cars I’ve owned/driven: Continue reading Jeep-ers, Creepers!

Free Money.

Just when the going gets weird…it gets even weirder.

Today, the Fed dropped the Prime to .25%. I’m no math genius or financial wizard, but that means that the Federal Reserve is loaning banks money for 1/4 of a percent. That’s 1/4 of a percent away from FREE. This means that if a bank actually has money to loan, and if you’re credit is squeaky-clean (know anybody like that? I don’t…) you can get a loan for a ridiculously low rate.

Mere mortals need not apply.

I’m sure everybody’s gonna wonder and worry over this. I don’t know why – when the Treasury is printing money like spammers send bulk emails, it’s all funny money. The only worry here is what are they gonna do when we get to ZERO? To cut rates further than that, we’d have to do negative interest, in other words, have the government pay the banks to take their money.

Oh, wait…they’re kinda already doing that. It’s called the TARP funds program.


Not much to say about this, other than buckle your seatbelts…it’s gonna be a bumpy night week month year decade.