See Obama. See Obama Run. And Run. And Run…

I cut my teeth on books like the McGuffy Reader. The Adventures of Dick and Jane were for the slow kids. But while I kind of leapfrogged most of the really little kids’ books, I made it a point to read to my daughter from the time she was born until the time she grew too old for me to entertain her with a bedtime story.

Today, kids’ books are increasingly politically-correct. And because so much of the publishing world leans left, increasingly politicized and polarized. Today, a trending topic on Twitter was #obamakidsbooks. Here are a selection of the better titles – ones that I hope and pray will never make it into print:

  • One Fish, Two Fish, Your Fish is My Fish
  • Fast and Furious George
  • The Indian in the Cupbord is Elizabeth Warren
  • Little Barack Scambo
  • The Little Engine That Couldn’t Without Federal Assistance.
  • My Little Crony
  • Heather Has Two Mommies Without Jobs
  • Solynderella
  • Green Jobs and Scams
  • Obama and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Presidency
  • OH, The Debt You’ll Owe!
  • The Bain Mutiny
  • Oh, The Places Michelle Obama Will Go!
  • Green Lies and Scams
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Mom-Jeans
  • Are You There, Marx? It’s Me, Barack
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Foodstamps
  • The Taking Tree
  • Fun WIth Dick and Jane Living Under a Bridge
  • Harry Potter and the President’s Stoned
  • False Expectations
  • Where In the World are the Obamas
  • Goodnight, Democracy
  • LIttle Underwater House on the Prairie
  • Where the Taxing Things Are
  • Where the Red Ink Grows
  • Are You My Big Brother?
  • The Lying, The Witch and the War Chest
  • War on Little Women
  • Charlie and the Solar Panel Factory
  • SEIU and the Purple Crayon
  • Where the Sidewalk Ends (and other shovel-ready projects)
Now THAT’S Comedy