The 109th Senator.

Today was an historic day. Samuel Alito was confirmed by the Senate (and immediately sworn-in, I suspect so that Messrs. Kennedy and Kerry couldn’t rally the troops to somehow rescind the approval). I predict that this event will go down in history as the day that the Supreme Court began an inexorable swing back to […]


I’m working on a BIG project in Flash right now. Flash used to be this really simple little animation program. Not any more. It now has a full-blown, object-oriented programming language (ActionScript) that is based on JavaScript. I’m trying to bend some code to my will. So far, the code is winning. It’s not a […]


I just finished reading an opinion piece on Wired News, entitled Jobs vs. Gates: Who’s the Star? It was…interesting. Before we begin our little discourse, a few disclaimers are in order: I’m not a “Windows” guy. I’m not a “Mac” guy. (I think both platforms are equally annoying.) My ideal computer would look, feel, and […]

Whither Carpet?

Carpet. What a weird invention. Now take rugs…rugs I understand. Anyone with hardwood floors and freezing weather can instantly see the value of a good area rug. But carpet? Come on…if ever there was an invention where the inventor deserved to burn in Hell for all time, it’s carpet. Allow me to explain… Carpet is […]