george-orwell-1984-iiOn the day that the Communists of the world celebrate their hopelessly-flawed, failed social system of governance, it’s time to think about the tools of oppression – and recognize them for what they are, for as the great Joe Bob Brigs (drive-in movie critic of Grapevine, Texas) says “Without eternal vigilance, it can happen here.”

When I was just a lad in high school, living in the Greatest Nation on the Face of the Earth, we were required to read several books, by the Powers That Be. Two of them, Animal Farm and 1984 made an impression, both then and now. I don’t know if there’s anything more difficult than teaching independent thinking skills to a teenager, unless it’s getting them interested in learning something outside their comfort zone/area of interest. So it’s a testament to Orwell’s writing that both of these books made such a lasting impression.

Ironically, Orwell was a committed Leftist. But then again, back then the Left was fraught with distinctions like “Communist” versus “Socialist” versus “Fascist” (which could be on the left or right) and heated, intellectual discussions as to the merits and flaws of each.  In today’s world, those differences are largely academic; there’s “Statism” (the belief that government should rule us) and “Freedom” (the belief that government works for We the People, and does NOT rule us). But Orwell advanced some ideas that, despite his own love of Communism and believe in it’s core ideals, defined, decried, and denied Statism to its roots and beyond.

In a way, we owe as much to Orwell to define the language of protest in the same way we owe a debt to Shakespeare for creating the English language. “Big Brother?” He coined that. “Doublethink?” His. His other neologisms include terms like  “Cold War,” “Thought Police,” “un-person,” “doublespeak,” and “thoughtcrime.” Think about that. This kind of sums up the Obama Years and ties it in a bow, doesn’t it?

Just yesterday, we learned from the Statist Sages at MSNBC, that the word “thug” is “white man oppressive code” for “black” and last such, is racist. Really? A quick trip to the dictionary reveals that the word thug is defined by Wiktionary as:

  1. a violent person, especially a criminal.
    synonyms: ruffianhooliganvandalhoodlumgangstervillaincriminal;

  2. historical
    a member of a religious organization of robbers and assassins in India. Devotees of the goddess Kali, the Thugs waylaid and strangled their victims, usually travelers, in a ritually prescribed manner. They were suppressed by the British in the 1830s.

Do you see any ‘racially-charged’ hidden meaning in “thug”? Hell, Tupac (the late patron saint of rappers) referred to himself as a thug. But Tupac was black. According to the tenets of Progressive thought, certain words are A-OK to be uttered by a black man, but completely off-limits to the white vocabulary. Apparently “THUG” has now been added to the list.

But let’s get back to Orwell and Obama, and go down the list, one by one. Big Brother? That one’s almost too easy. Forget the completely unintentional “brotha” angle – that’s a smokescreen, and plays into their “racist” claims. (I couldn’t possibly care less what color our President’s skin might be, or his parentage. I care about his politics and what he’s doing to our country.) No, in 1984, “Big Brother” was the head of the government, an entity to be feared and idolized, his word taken as gospel. See the connection?

Thought Police is pretty obvious. It’s no longer permissible to disagree with your government. Take the bakers who had had the audacity to believe they could refuse to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding, based on their religious beliefs. The new mantra of the Left is YOU WILL BE MADE TO CARE. It’s not enough to comply. You must agree. Resistance is futile. Dissent will not be tolerated. Violate their philosophical ideals and you will be found guilty of a Thoughtcrime and punished severely. Think about it. We have laws on the books that punish so-called “hate crimes.” What is a hate crime? It’s the ‘crime’ of hating someone, essentially. If they can’t get a pound of flesh from you for bullying, assault, or failing to bake a cake, they can convict you of a “hate crime,” which is defined as whatever they want it to be to suit them at the time.

Un-person. That’s a good one. The commies in the U.S.S.R. perfected this during the Cold War. Not only were you ‘terminated with extreme prejudice,’ but the record of your very existence was expunged from the public record. Pictures were doctored. Files shredded. Records erased. Now tell me that the missing IRS documents, missing ATF files, and Hillary’s email server isn’t riffing off the same theme. Did they commit a crime? There’s no record, so it couldn’t have happened.

My personal favorite is Doublespeak. It’s the art of purposefully vague language that can be molded to mean whatever you like. It’s not “cronyism” or “political payoffs” – they’re “shovel-ready jobs” that turned out to be anything but shovel-ready. The Fort Hood attack by a lone, Muslim fanatic wasn’t a “terrorist attack,” it was an isolated incident of “workplace violence.” Ditto for the lone Muslim attacker who beheaded a female co-worker in Oklahoma. And who could forget the then-new Obama Administration’s redefinition of terrorism as “Man-Caused Disaster.” Kinda sends a thrill up your leg, doesn’t it?

If you control the very language we speak, it becomes easier to manipulate the media, to twist the truth into pretzel logic, as we watch our freedom, our rights, and our way of life circle the drain. What’s their endgame here? Statism. Call it “Socialism,” “Fascism,” “Communism,” or whatever you like, we are slip-slidin’ away towards a world where we are not free, and where our rights are granted to us by the State, and can be modified, cancelled or abolished at any time, for any reason. Their plan is not to overthrow our nation in some sudden military coup, but to use words to deliver a death by a thousand cuts, day after day, week after week, turning us from patriots to Stockholm-syndrom victims and finally into pliant sheeple, bleating for help from the Nanny State, like children in the night.

Happy May Day everybody. Our day is coming. But when it arrives, it will be a lot longer than 24 hours, with a dawn that never comes.



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