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The Energy Mess.

Okay. It seems that everybody and his cat has an opinion on the energy problems we face here in the good ‘ol U. S. of A. I’m no different. The difference is that unlike most of the pundits out there, I don’t have any other axe to grind other than speaking what I see as the truth. No liberal bias. No conservative bias either. In particular, I am beholden to no special-interest groups.This shouldn’t be a liberal versus conservative issue (which is part of the problem). It should be strictly an American problem, and it should unite us.

In light of this fact, I’m going to share with you some common-sense bullet points that I hope will reframe the discussion on what to do to get our energy prices under control. Continue reading The Energy Mess.

Banking on Intelligence.

My wife is a brilliant woman. One day I was casting about for a creative idea to use as the nucleus of a website demo, and I asked her for some ideas. (I was stumped.) Out of the blue, she said, “why don’t you create a bank for intelligence?”


In a flash, the whole thing hit me. It was a “V-8 moment” if ever I had one. [side note: A friend once started to tell me about a sketch he’d seen the night before, watching “In Living Color” with two guys in a phone booth, as the “Homeboy Shopping Network.” He didn’t have to say anything else – I could see/hear the entire routine in my mind’s eye. This was the same kind of experience. Continue reading Banking on Intelligence.