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October Surprise(s).

shirt courtesy of www.vectorright.com
shirt courtesy of www.vectorright.com

In most election years, candidates worry about the “October Surprise” phenomenon – late-breaking bad news for a candidate, that makes a big enough impression to reduce their vote count, with not enough time left to counter the bad news before the November election.

Barack Obama is not “most candidates.”

The Chosen One instead has a (dirty) laundry list of things to worry about, and I’m not talking about his “Great Pumpkin” infomercial from last night. Some are relatively new. Some, like Christopher Lee in a Hammer Films Dracula flick, just keep rising again from the grave: Continue reading October Surprise(s).

No Reason for Treason

The problem with Campaign ’08 is that you’ve got people on one side that look at their candidate as the next best thing to the Messiah, and people on the other side that are lukewarm (at best) about theirs. (On the other hand, we can’t WAIT to pull the lever for Palin!) Combine this with the polarization of both sides and you have a recipe for problems – neither side wants to see problems with their own camp, and both are only interested in pointing out the flaws in the other’s candidates.¬†

Fair enough. I get it. No big. But wait…what if the other guy does something really, really bad? Can anyone recognize and admit to a fatal flaw in their own candidate? I don’t know. But we’re about to find out. Continue reading No Reason for Treason

Does the ACORN fall far from the Tree?

Or in this case, does ACORN’s operation fall far from their former corporate counsel, Senator Barack Obama?

Here’s the deal: ACORN is the Association¬†of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Inc. They are one of the credits Obama cites when he makes his much-vaunted claims to be a “community organizer.” Who is ACORN, and more importantly, why should you care? Continue reading Does the ACORN fall far from the Tree?