Scattershootin’ Fridays…

NEWS ITEM: Keith Olbermann was fired today from his gig with CurrentTV. Yep. AlGore fired the Keithanator. Never heard of CurrentTV? Neither has anybody else other than the half-dozen left-wingnuts that watch it. But don’t feel too badly for them. Gore’s hired Former N.Y. Gov. Elliot Spitzer as his replacement. Rumored first guest: Former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). Lord knows what they’ll talk about…

NEWS ITEM: This week, the Little Rock Airport Authority announced plans to rename their airport to “The Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.” The media immediately nicknamed the airport the “Hill-Billy National.” In other news, the airport announced plans for a walk-in humidor, which is curious, since the airport is a designated no-smoking area.

NEWS ITEM: Vice President Joe Biden today called for a “Global Tax,” since he believes the world just doesn’t pay enough in taxes. In a related item, the stock price of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture anti-psychotic drugs fell today, on reports of lower earnings.


How well do YOU know the Constitution?

The Constitution is much in the news lately. And with good reason. It is – or it’s supposed to be – the supreme law of the land. You can’t get more basic around here than the rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. But from laws in Chicago, NYC and D.C. that attempt to abridge our rights to self-defense, to the Congressional overreach that is the “Individual Mandate” of ObamaCare, the Constitution is under attack. From where I sit, there’s a vast majority of Americans that don’t have a clue as to what’s actually IN the Constitution. That’s bad, because you can’t appreciate what you’ve got there – or why it’s so precious to preserve – if you don’t know what’s in it. Hillsdale College is the only 4-year institution of higher learning in the country that takes NO money from the Federal government, and is therefore able to teach without interference from Uncle Sam. They require ALL incoming Freshmen to take a course on the Constitution as a prerequisite for attending the school. They are currently offering a FREE course on the Constitution to the general public. I’m gonna take it, because I believe you can never know too much about our laws. But if you’re not convinced you need to know more about our Constitution yourself, here’s a little quiz they offer to test your knowledge.

Arguing with Progressives.

I have to confess. I’ve broken one of my Lenten vows. I promised to give up Liberals for Lent. Forgive me, Lord for I have backslid. Tonight, I got into a protracted argument about ObamaCare. It started innocently enough. I made some of what I thought would be helpful suggestions as to where we might move on from here (see my previous post on ObamaCare). It was, apparently, like waving a red flag in front of an entire herd of angry bulls. I use that analogy advisedly, for they had the ability to comprehend points of law analogous to bovines, they were full of the same kind of by-product found in pastures where bulls frolic, and their command of the English language was peppered with invectives that are reminiscent of words beginning with the prefix “bull_.” I got to thinking about how best to deal with them, and I realized it was a fool’s errand. A battle of wits with unarmed combatants. Now normally, that can amuse. Granted, there’s not much more sport in it than you’d find in shooting unarmed ducks in a rather small barrel. Still. But this group was collectively so hidebound by dogma, so blinded to reason, and so damnably dense that it took all the joy out of it. They did not know they’d been beaten.  Nay, in fact, they reveled in their defeat, braying (or mooing, I suppose) as if they’d won some great victory. Their decisive blow? They descended to name-calling. What a victory! But this got me to thinking back to my salad days, when I first became acquainted with the works of one of America’s greatest authors, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by his nom de plume, Mark Twain. And it occurred to me that Mr. Twain could explain my situation far better than I. So without his permission (him being long in the grave and all that) and his works thankfully being in the public domain, I present, for your enjoyment, a chapter from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, wherein our hero, Sir Boss, narrates a tale, a chance encounter with an English subject as he tries to explain the concept of relative worth. (After all, if you’re gonna have a guest writer, why not the best, eh?) Continue reading Arguing with Progressives.

Post-ObamaCare…what’s next?

I’ve got a lot of friends from all parts of the political spectrum. Some agree with me. Some don’t. I’ve got one friend who’s rich (the boom was very, very good to him), liberal/Progressive, (he’s one of the founders of and (naturally) disagrees with me over health care reform. He responded to a post I made on my wall, claiming I was regurgitating right-wing talking points and “worshiping at the altar of the paid lobbyist, Norquist.” I responded by answering him, but instead of simply getting into an argument over the merits of ObamaCare, I turned my attention to what comes next (since it looks like ObamaCare will be repealed, courtesy of the Supreme Court, this summer). It makes little sense to beat a dead horse. What we should ALL be thinking about now is, once ObamaCare is repealed, what replaces it? Continue reading Post-ObamaCare…what’s next?

Where have YOU been, you ask?

Well, I’ve been…um…busy. Since last I posted, I’ve had a LOT of changes in my life. Most of which would bore you. Suffice it to say that I’m back, and I’m ready to start beating some swords into plowshares, smiting the supercilious, deflating dummies, puncturing Progressive windbags, and generally throwing a little Napalm on the fires of politics, religion, pop culture, and anything else that crosses my mind. So there.