Friends, Roamings, Countrymen…lend me your ear(bud)s.

I’m still finding out cool stuff about my new iPhone. This morning, I discovered that the alarms are REALLY LOUD. I mean REALLY loud. Especially when compared with my former phone, the Wagon Queen Family Truckster (a.k.a. Windoze Mobile Sprint/HTC Mogul).

Even better, no more special adapter just to use headphones. Of course, the earbuds that come with the iPhone work…but they aren’t noise-cancelling, nor do they fit in my ears well enough to really generate the best sound, say, when I’m in a car. With the top down. And doors off. Nope. I need to score myself some noise-cancelling earbuds with built-in mic, preferably ones that block wind noise on the mic side.

What I’d REALLY like is to find some company that makes some buds derrived from what they developed for the U.S. Military – the gadget that attaches to your neck and picks up the vibrations – no mic needed. That way, wind noise is no problem at all. Couple that with some in-ear, noise-cancelling beauties, and I’ll be all set for wherever my Jeep takes me, wind be damned.

(By the by, gentle reader, if you know of such a product, PLEASE let me know. The sooner the better.)

For now, I’m still playing with my iPhone. I’ve figured out how to get my own, custom ringtones on the phone, and they sound great – much better than with the puny speaker on the WQFT Phone. And I’ve started to get a grip on the icon arrangement, and fixed some custom wallpaper. Next, I wanna find a hack so I can customize my text message sounds. I want my 24 sounds back…

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