Nothing like a little unbiased polling…

A week or so ago, one of the special-interests sites (for professional animators, if you must know) sent me a request to participate in a poll regarding how artists plan to vote in November. I responded, as it looked as if it was legitimate, and trying to get an honest sample from a specific demographic. 

They lied. 

What this was, in fact, was an agenda-driven poll, taken so that the person behind the poll, could spew his far, far left, Liberal point-of-view, and use the (very unscientific) poll results to justify his own hate-filled B.S. 

In case you think I’m exaggerating, here’s the link to the article in question:

Evidently, the people behind were reluctant to post this moron’s entire hate-filled invictive. You can read the unexpurgated version here:

If you’re a conservative, I suggest you skip it (or double-down on your B.P. meds first). If you’re a liberal, just make sure you haven’t exceeded your recommended daily allowance of Kool-Aid, for this article looks as if it was ghostwritten by or the Daily Kos. 

Mind you, I acknowledge, as often as needed, that I am biased towards the conservative side of things. No secret there. However, if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll have to acknowledge that I don’t spew hate, I don’t make unsubstantiated claims, and I don’t demonize the opposite side. 

To have what I thought was a respected publication publish this kind of crap is more than a disappointment. It is, in fact, nothing less than a political hijacking, falsely claiming to represent a demographic but twisting their message to suit their own narrow ideology. I thought the fine folks at AARP were the champs on this, but they’ve got nuthin’ on these guys. I am ashamed of AVN for perverting their mission to disseminate information about animation into a political advocacy for a political candidate. And I believe, with their publishing of this one-sided screed, they have seriously damaged their credibility, as well as their value as a resource for those of us who are professional animators but refuse to subscribe to the foaming-at-the-mouth politics of the far left.

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