The Energy Solution Paradox.

 The solution to our energy woes is surprisingly simple, but paradoxically, needlessly difficult. If we could get the government out of the way, private enterprise could solve this, by simply trying ever avenue that looks like a money-maker. Drilling (within the 0 to 50-mile zone), coal-to-oil, solar, battery/hydrogen research, wind, nuclear, et cetera. The problem is that there are way too many interested parties that are gaming the system, the worst of these are the Feds. (Close behind are the special-interest green energy and ecology groups.)

If the Feds want to HELP, what we need is legislation that will stop nuisance lawsuits that aim to stop drilling, wind, and nuclear plants. It would also be helpful to push legislation that would provide a “floor” for energy prices – to prevent OPEC from dropping oil prices to kill our own development efforts.

My understanding is that we could build coal-to-oil plants (for instance) but no one will attempt it (although the technology is proven) because of the extreme expense in building the plants. If these companies knew they’d get protection from OPEC dropping their price simply to bankrupt them, we’d have another AMERICAN energy source, with affordable energy. 

I’m fed up with the politicians catering to nutcases with their “not in my backyard” attitudes. I’m fed up with idiots that push their own “green” agenda at the expense of the security and financial stability of our country. And I’m fed up with those that cause the problem and then point their fingers at everyone else to deflect attention from their own mendacity and culpability. 

Sadly, the only way we can overcome this inertia is to face a crisis. Is this current crisis enough to get everyone to pull together? I have my doubts. But I know I don’t fancy living in a cave, burning tallow as a light source. We need to fix this, and fix this NOW. No more “study.” No more “blue ribbon commissions.” No more gaming the system. Remember John Galt, the hero of Ayn Rand’s masterwork, Atlas Shrugged? In the novel, when the President asked him what words of advice he had for the country (fully expecting him to endorse their plans to further screw up the country), he responded “GET OUT OF MY WAY.” 

I can’t put it any better than that. Mr. President, Members of Congress, Federal Agencies, Special Interest Groups – speaking as one of those who want solutions, and not more of the same doubletalk and pandering to self-interests – GET OUT OF OUR WAY.

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